What is Prince George's Last Name?


Prince George might become the future King of England but, for his classmates, he is only a five-year-old child with an ordinary last name – sort of. Thanks to the rules of rooted royal names, Prince George and his brothers must follow certain protocols when using family names or using anything but their respective titles. What is Prince George's last name? Find out, below.

Prince George Prince George might use a last name in school. | Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Prince George's last name

Apart from their family heritage, Prince William and Kate Middleton try as hard as they can to give their children a normal life and help them adjust to other children their age by using their last names versus royal titles in certain settings.

Because Prince George pinned His Majesty to the front of his official royal title, he actually did not need a last name. However, when he needs it – like, at school – he has several choices to choose from.

When using his last name, the young prince is most likely gone by George Cambridge as a nod to the official royal family title and home name. However, he can also choose the surname of the royal family, Mountbatten-Windsor, which applies to all descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Prince George's full name

We know him casually as Prince George, but his full name is actually George Alexander Louis. In the royal family, names are often chosen based on past members. It's possible that Prince William and Kate Middleton came with George after the queen's father. However, they have quite a lot of stories about how it became their son's first name.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge allegedly put a piece of paper on the floor with the baby's name written. Then, they took their dog, Lupo sniffed them. The royal puppy allegedly stopped by the name "George" and that's it.

Prince George's title

Because Prince William and Kate Middleton are Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, all three have Cambridge with a royal title. So, Prince George is His Holiness Prince George of Cambridge.

That said, the title of Prince George will change little in his life – even in his teenage years. Because his father's title was likely to turn into Prince of Wales in the near future, Prince George could become Prince George of Wales before he reached the majority.

Will Prince George be Prince of Wales?

Like his grandfather and (most likely) his father, Prince George will probably hold the title of Prince of Wales someday. Reserved for the English heir, the Prince of Wales is one of the highest ranking titles in the royal family and is usually accompanied by the rank of a special duke, the Duke of Cornwall.

Will Prince George be Duke of Cambridge?

Prince George will most likely not be the Duke of Cambridge, like his father. If his father became king before he was married (possibly), Prince William would likely make his son Prince Wales and Duke of Cornwall – two titles held by the English heir – instead.

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