WestJet planes glide from taxiways at Edmonton airport amid ice conditions


A WestJet plane leaving for Victoria finally rolled off a taxiway at Edmonton International Airport on Friday night.

An airline spokesman said no one was injured but the flight was canceled as a result.

"While sliding to the runway, Flight 173 slid off the runway in cold conditions," said Lauren Stewart.

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After several people climbed onto social media posting photos of a plane they said had come off the runway at Edmonton International Airport, Global News spoke to a passenger who said the plane had gone to the snow bank when a taxi.

"Everyone is fine," Becky Johnson said.

"The pilot mistook a snowy field when we drove to the runway."

Johnson said the plane turned around and suddenly became a little bumpy but not much happened.

"You won't even realize it but I'm a nervous flyer," he said.

A spokesman with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said the incident occurred when the plane headed to the ice shelf and that the agency would not investigate.

Stewart said there were 75 passengers and six crew in them. Fifty-three passengers will head to Victoria on Friday night through Calgary.

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