Update Windows 10: Microsoft reveals more new features that enter your PC


Windows 10 is a Microsoft computer operating system that usually receives substantial updates twice a year.

In 2018 the software was upgraded in April and October and it is estimated that Microsoft will follow the same timeline this year.

Before the new iteration of the operating system is sent to all users, the American technology giant offers upcoming features through its Windows Insider Program.

The Windows Insider program is an initiative that can be carried out by fans who offer an initial version of the new version of Windows 10.

While the software carries new additions, it should be noted that more bugs are usually present as a whole.

Microsoft recently announced a build preview of the latest Windows 10 Insider that brings a number of important changes for fans to look forward to.

First of all, this Redmond-based company "separates" its search bar and Cortana, its virtual assistant.

That means instead of being able to use one of the same tools, the search bar will be for the request the user wants to type while the helper will be able to recognize the voice command when a separate toggle is pressed.

Microsoft insists that the change is done to "enable each experience to innovate independently".

The technology giant continues: "Going forward, we will separate Search and Cortana on the taskbar.

"This will enable each experience to innovate independently to serve their target audience and use cases.

"Some Insiders have had this update for several weeks now, and we appreciate all the feedback we've received so far! For those new to this update, when it launches to you, you'll find clicking the search box on the taskbar now launches the experience. we who focus on giving you the best in-house search experience and clicking on the Cortana icon will launch you directly into our first voice digital assistant experience. "

In addition, the company stated that the settings menu for each function has now been separated as well.

Microsoft also stressed that it is trying to improve the reliability of its typical Start menu.

That explains it works to make it better by creating a new process for it on the back of the software.

Discussing the impact of such a move, the technology giant said: "It has a number of benefits, including simplifying the debugging and isolation process. Starting from potential problems that affect other surfaces.

"It has been running as an experiment for several weeks now and we have seen a measurable increase in reliability among those who have change, so we launched it for everyone."

Furthermore, Microsoft also noted that it has introduced a new system to make font management easier for fans.

He continued: "Insiders can now drag and drop font files from File Explorer to modern Settings > Font page to install it.

"After installation, click the font on the Font page, to see different font faces related to fonts and all font details.

Finally, the American technology giant insisted it made the Windows Insider Program setup page easier to navigate thanks to the elimination of clutter.

All the new features discussed above are available on the Windows 10 Insider preview build 18317 which is currently running.


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