UEFA said the anti-racism protocol was not followed in Koulibaly's case


Milan – European football body UEFA said on Friday
that the true anti-racism protocol was not followed during Italy
between league matches Inter Milan and Napoli midweek amid repeated abuse
Senegal defender Kalidou Koulibaly.

French-born Koulibaly, Naples, was the target of monkey noise
and racist singing at the San Siro, before being chased sarcastically
the referee applauded Paolo Mazzoleni.

Three announcements were made on loudspeakers begging
fans stopped singing, but they continued.

According to the UEFA protocol, the match should be
suspended at that time but otherwise the game is allowed to continue.

In a joint statement by UEFA and the union of players FIFPro said
they "are very concerned about this unacceptable racist incident and by what
surfaced as a failure to respect widely recognized
three-step anti-racism protocol.

"Koulibaly is subject to racist singing and, even so
the announcement made by the stadium speaker, the song did not stop. Even,
It seems that the Napoli coaching staff have told several referees
racist singing time. "

"Both organizations argue that racists
singing to Koulibaly, who had to leave the field after receiving a second
yellow card, unacceptable and has no place in football.

"FIFPro and UEFA support Italian football
authorities in any additional steps that will be taken to address racism in
stadium where FIFPro and UEFA have a zero tolerance policy. "

Both organizations welcome that Inter Milan must do it
play two Serie A home matches in a closed and other matches with them
The North Stand is closed.

Napoli coach Carlo Ancelotti said after the matches of his players
will run off the field next time.

But Italian Football Federation chairman Gabriele Gravina
insisted the referee Mazzoleni was inaugurated correctly in a match Inter won 1-0
thanks to a late goal when Napoli dropped to nine players.

"Mazzoleni applied the rules perfectly," Gravina
to Sky Sports Italia after the match.

"If a player leaves the field it will damage
rules, followed by negative results for their team.

"Don't forget that there are rules, which are necessary
improved. If not then it will be like the Wild West. "


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