"Astroworld" tour Travis Scott, to support his album of the same name, is clearly a success with fans. The rapper recently announced the second leg of the tour, where he will revisit several cities and hit several cities that were answered during the first leg of the tour. Maybe a Christmas present for himself, or maybe just a simple flexibility, Travis commemorates the "Astroworld" stage design with new cool work, as reported by TMZ.

The chain, which is said to contain 150 carats of VS diamond and more than 1,000 grams of gold, was designed by jewelry for the stars, Elliantte. Elliantte apparently personally sent this chain to Travis just before the show at The Forum in Los Angeles.

We have a video below where you can see how bling-y this part is. This is the iconic ferris wheel feature of the tour, with Travis's face right in the center (and even the spinning wheel). The links that make up the chain are actually roller coaster tracks, also a sign of the tour – all of these are tied together with a two-headed horse (which may or may not be a unicorn). See below.