The master is a different tradition from the others. The match will be an event unlike any other.

After months of hype and junk talk, it's time for Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson to put their money where their mouths are. In a Oasis in the middle of the desert of Las Vegas, Woods and Mickelson are all ready to tee it in the magnificent Shadow Creek with $ 9 million on the line.

Events of matches are something of the world of golf – or the world of sports, in this case – never seen. If the $ 19.99 pay-per-view price tag is too much for you, USA TODAY Sports & # 39; Adam Woodard and Martin Rogers are here to track matches and highlight the biggest moments for you.

Hole 18 (extra hole) – Par 5

So here's the deal: Because we all square at 18, they will play 18 more. If they are still square after the replay, they will play "20th Hole," which produced 93 yards of par 3. They will continue to play "20 Hole" sudden death until there is a winner.

Tiger: It's getting cold, but Tiger's driver is hot. Too hot. He flew over the fairway to rough, just barely losing some wood chips / mulch. He will have an awkward attitude on the field, and with 236 yards to go he lies on the fairway. Play smart.

Phil: Phil hit a good shot, but found a short rough, almost the same place as a while ago. From 198 meters, Lefty draws 5-iron and goes into a bunker that keeps the green, just a few meters from the water. Lucky left-handed, very lucky.

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Lubang 18 – Par 5

Tiger: The tiger reached its best journey there, flying on the left side of the fairway. Tiger 6-iron from the fairway was only a little too long because it landed on the green and jumped to bangs. Maybe he can repeat it again? Tiger left behind this one from more than 50 feet to 5 feet, setting up a big birdie opportunity and putting pressure on Phil.

Phil: Uh oh. That could have been bad because Lefty found the first piece rough, but it wasn't terrible. From a distance of 203 yards to the rough, he struck a superb shot that carried water guarding the green and safely found the dance floor. He will make a long putt for eagle. On the way to the 18th green, Team Mickelson begged his brother to let him use his first oath, but Phil said no. "Why not?" asked the caddy, "pay per view!" From 32 feet with a big break to win the match, Phil misses up to 3 feet. Tiger told him to take it. We will go back to the 18th tee.

All square after 18, Phil up to $ 400k (total $ 800k increases).

Lubang 17 – Par 3

Phil: He can close it here, and the shot is almost perfect, inside the 20-foot short and left of the hole. He * just * missed the putt and because Tiger made it, we all even went to 18.

Tiger: Alright Eldrick, with $ 9 million on the phone, what do you get? From a distance of 150 yards (on GORGEOUS par 3 17) Tiger runs a little longer, but right on the flag. He is on the edge, but there is a chance. Of course enter. Tiger went full of Tiger and chips for birdies from the edges. Tiger Classic. Classic boxing pump.

All square to 17, Phil up to $ 400k.

Lubang 16 – Par 5

So … the sunset comes in about 56 minutes and we still have three holes left. If it goes into an extra hole and is too dark to play, what do they do? Reversing the coin for $ 9 million?

Phil: Is that Lefty or Bubba Watson ?! "That's a delicious little piece there," said Phil, who hit a driver with lots of action. That's impressive. While he walks into the ball, Phil and his brother, Tim (caddy), are talking about … Oregon soccer? With $ 9 million on the phone! Another big swing for Phil here and landing on the left of the green, but closer than Tiger. Phil flew this one high, but too high, landed on rough and up the hill, came to rest 20-plus feet from the hole. Think he's too cute there. Not a bad putt from there, come one or two short legs. Par.

Tiger: The Tiger racer is here, but not as far as Phil is around 10-15 yards. The second shot had a lot of left-to-right movements, but finally found a bunker. The shot from the bunker came out hot, but it was quite dense. He will be in the 15-foot for birdie to return even with Phil. Tiger did not play enough break and missed. Par.

Phil 1-up to 16, up $ 400k.

Hole 15 – Par 4

Phil: Lefty delivers iron to the fairway here. Shot B-e-a-utiful. His approach missed left to the gallery, pin-high. He doesn't have a lot of green to work with, but it doesn't matter to Phil. With the club's face wide open, Lefty hit a big shot that dripped in inches from the cup for a birdie gimme.

Tiger: STINGER ALERT! Tiger hit his patented low-flying stinger, shooting perfectly into the center of the fairway 318 yards. This is fun. Tiger followed a great shot with a shot, good, not too good, short in front of the green. The Tiger chip looks good on the face, but rolls long and left. Many are left to clean par or he will lose 1 time. And that's what happened.

Phil 1-up to 15, up $ 400k.

Hole 14 – Par 4

Our people on the field show there is a definite edge, both between players and in the crowd. It all feels like a bit of fun at the start, they must have spurred for $ 9 million and are boasting now. There is a long side trip bet here for $ 100k.

Phil: The urge to find a bunker, which means all Tiger needs to do is hit the fairway to win the bet. "Whatever you can do I can do better" Lefty said with his shot, which landed inside Tiger, but jumped forward. Another putt misses Phil. He just can't know the speed and / or break here today.

Tiger: Well, Tiger blew this bet too. He was in a bunker close to Phil. "The right golf shoot," Darren Clarke said on the broadcast as Tiger 9-iron from the sandy soil behind the cup and dripped back into 10 feet. From 9-feet and changing Tiger just missed the right one.

All square to 14, Phil up to $ 400k.

Lubang 13 – Par 3

Others "closest to the pin" bet for $ 300k. The Tigers lose the first two of these bets.

Tiger: Useful 6-iron here for Tiger in the par 3 is difficult, just barely catching the ridge to get to 15 feet. The putt didn't break as he thought, adjusting nominal.

Phil: Another great shot from Lefty here, winning the third "closest to pin" challenge after the ball rolled up to 9 feet perfectly playing the green contour. He told his caddy (and his brother), "I understand" when he was reading a birdie putt, which had perfect speed and drops.

All square to 13, Phil up to $ 400k.

Lubang 12 – Par 4

Tiger: EXPLOSION! Tiger smokes 321 yards right on the green. Tiger turned a small slice to around 2-feet for a birdie gimme.

Phil: A little conservative here from Lefty because the 3-wood finds the right fairway, gives it a bad angle on the green that has the right pin placement. He hit his approach to die straight, which found the center green, but still far from the cup. He gave this putt a ride but missed long and right.

Tiger 1-up, Phil is up $ 100k.

Lubang 11 – Par 4

This is short par 4, and as Ernie Johnson shows on broadcast, there is only one ace at No. 11 at Shadow Creek: Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz. The other side is betting on the eagle here, this time for $ 200k.

Phil: The tee shot here missed badly for Phil (the sound of the door creaking). Phil dropped the throw and his kick slipped to the left. 12-foot for Phil to halve the hole and keep leading 1-up, but miss right. Par.

Tiger: Big cats go for this one and land it in green, but only drip. He has a lot of green to try to get close to. A great shot from Tiger that allows this to run along the green into 5-feet. Phil tells him to take it for a birdie.

All square through 11, Phil up to $ 100k.

Hole 10 – Par 4

Phil: Driver for Lefty and he's out here, 300-plus yards on the fairway. Phil's approach is around 20-plus feet with decreased breaks. Move a little more than he imagined and missed. Phil was left to make a 3-footer for half.

Tiger: Eldrick made harsh words, even though the ball was found in the middle of the fairway, but he wasn't near Phil. Tiger fluctuates, gets "good job, T" from Phil. Par.

Phil 1-up in turn, rose $ 100k.

Hole 9 – Par 4

They make a $ 100k side bet if someone punches an eagle (that's a forgiving pin placement). BUT WAIT. They raise bets "0 more", and now $ 1,000,000 for eagles.

Phil: Lefty went iron off the tee at No. 9 and this one flirts with the tributary, which means he WASH it. He is in the main place here. The millions of dollars shot changed to one million dollars because Lefty appeared briefly in the bunker. Known for his short play, Phil almost hid on his chip, missing only a few inches.

Tiger: Iron nice to Tiger here. Not as far as Phil, but he's on the fairway. His approach is not near the pin, but he is on the green. He gave him a ride and missed it, but he had a good view in par. Tiger converts two par putts.

Phil 1-up in turn, rose $ 100k.

On the broadcast, Charles Barkley criticized "bad golf" being played, saying "I know I'm not good, but I can beat them both today."

Hole 8 – Par 3

The other side bet! $ 200,000 for "the one closest to the pin." The two also made 3: 2 chances to bet on their birdies putt, Tiger won $ 75k if he succeeded, Phil won $ 50k.

Tiger: For the first time today, Tiger was honored from the tee. He landed this one around one foot too short on the green and it rolled back a little. That would hurt his wallet if Phil didn't get it in 40 feet. He left the birdie putt too short, opening the door for Phil to take back the lead (and more money). His putt was too fast, hit the right edge and disappeared. Bogey.

Phil: Lefty did the exact same thing with the ball rolling towards Tiger. He stopped * only short *, about 2 feet inside Tiger. That's $ 200k for Phil. His putt short walk for Tiger. No more money is exchanged for a miss. From 5 feet, Phil sank the par putt to reclaim the lead.

Phil 1-up to 8, up $ 100k.

Lubang 7 – Par 5

Before we act at 7 o'clock, this is Justin Thomas's initial opinion of The Match.

He is not wrong, friends. Tiger tried to persuade Phil to bet, but Lefty did not take it without extra opportunities, saying he was too disadvantaged. Many people cut forward to take place in the hole then as the nine back approaches. Our Martin Rogers recorded 1:37 a.m. in Las Vegas, and there are many tasteful drunks in the gallery.

Phil: Phil's tee kick found the first piece rough, and both shots were no better. He went for green but overdrawn, this time finding a bunker. Jungle to Jungle is a great movie, but a bunker to a bunker is a bad way to play for Phil. The three found a bunker about 10 yards in front. Not good. He had to be chip-in from the bunker to split the two holes, but unfortunately he didn't.

Tiger: Tiger sucked on the drive, the best shot was that day. The second, 40 meters ahead of Phil, missed right and only from green. Tiger pricking from the green was as good as possible without entering. He sent the birdie even to the match.

All-square up to 7. Tiger goes up $ 100k.

Lubang 6 – Par 4

Phil: Another great shot from the tee for Phil. He dominated the match early on. "Come on baby," Phil said when his shot approached, but perfectly returned to the hole. A useful shot from Lefty was setting a birdie opportunity. After losing Tiger, Phil had the chance to lead a 2-up with a birdie and he let it go short. Par.

Tiger: Golf cart for boys as Tiger's drive went just a few meters past Phil. Tiger played his short shot and rolled it towards the green, about the same distance for birdies. "Blocked it" said Tiger, who missed a little long and right. Another 4-footer to save par for Tiger and he cashed it. Half more.

Phil 1-up to 6. Tiger rose $ 100k.

Lubang 5 – Par 3

And we have our first side bet! Phil and Tiger did the "closest to the pin" in the first 3 par for $ 100,000.

Phil: Not too shabby here from Lefty, get this one up to 7 feet. He won "the closest to the pin," but still fell $ 100k in bets. He lightly tapped the putt but let it short. Blown their chance for Phil who took to par.

Tiger: He's on the green, but not near 7 feet. "It's very bad," he said, standing on the tee box. Tiger is a mile away on the green here and he's left inside 5 feet. He dropped the putt for the other half.

Phil 1-up to 5. Tiger rose $ 100k.

If the gallery looks light for the next few holes, you can blame the 4th refreshing green tent, which is filled with fresh gourmet tacos and free beer that is enough to fill the fraternity party.

Lubang 4 – Par 5

Phil: The driver is useful here for Phil, and he may only have the green light to choose this one in two. An iron 2 from 253 meters out of green becomes rough, only loses a bunker. Phil told the Tiger putt that it was good, but he chose to putt it. Tiger doesn't agree, it's fine and they're both for birdies.

Tiger: "No," Tiger said after contact, because this drive landed on the fairway but walked right into the gallery. The second shot appeared well in the first half roughly, 107 meters from the green. He stuffed his third right foot next to the cup for a big birdie opportunity, it must be the gimme and that. Birdie.

Phil 1-up to 4. Tiger rose $ 200k

Lubang 3 – Par 4

Phil: The first driver of the day and Phil destroyed this one on the fairway. The approach is "come from low and spin" and land outside the cup, about 20 meters away. "Diving, diving, diving," he said when the putt just slid to the left. Par.

Tiger: The Big Cat also pulled the driver, but failed. 165 meters to the green on the hill in the rough, Tiger plans to leave this short and that. The chip stood and closed, just around the same distance from the place he had missed at No. 2. Par (but this one also rotates around the cup).

Phil 1-up to 3. Tiger rose $ 200k

Lubang 2 – Par 4

Phil: Another iron for Lefty right in the middle of the tee. The second shot missed slightly to the right, but he was only from green, pin-high. Known for his short play, Phil's chips ran long and left, leaving 4 feet difficult for par, which he converted.

Tiger: 3-wood Tiger is a little further away, also on the fairway. The door opened for Tiger, who flew it from behind in the green. This is a rear pin placement, so there is no real danger with Phil also from green. Tiger left the chip short, and then flicked the 3-footer to nominal. He grabbed the cup before being kicked out. Yikes. Bogey.

Phil 1-up to 2

Lubang 1 – Par 4

Cupcakes and muffins are arranged neatly on the table by the first tee box, just in case the Tiger or Phil – or anyone – feels hungry. As if we haven't eaten enough yesterday. Phil wins the coin toss – and takes the coins after – and will help us start here at No. 1.

With $ 200,000 on the front line on the first tee, Phil tore iron 2 on the center right of the fairway. Woods followed him with his own iron, dead straight, but ran through the fairway and only into rough.

When they walked towards their ball, the two talked about how "cool" Samuel L. Jackson was, admired the course, and even talked about how special their children were to join them.

The second shooting of the Tiger lodged just short of the cup, preparing a great display on birdie. Phil landed right inside Tiger, but rolled slightly to the left. They are both in 10 feet.

"Not broken," said Tiger, who missed him right. Neither does Phil.

"That hurts his pocket," Tiger said with a smile. All squares up to 1, except in the wallet, where Tiger is now plus $ 200,000.

Interesting fact: two Taiwanese entrepreneurs gambled $ 2,000 with each other in the hole too.


There are no tickets available for sale but around 400 people are in the field and will take part in the competition, many of them through affiliations with one of the sponsors of Capital One or the TNT / BR Live announcer.

Woods appeared to Shadow Creek at 8:56 am local time, with Mickelson arriving more than an hour later at 9:53 in the morning. Trash talk starts on the putting green, with Tiger appearing in classic red Sunday.

"You decided to go red today?" Mickelson asked.

Woods's response to Lefty, who wore his signature all black: "Black & # 39; s slimming."

Both Woods and Mickelson fiddled with the mic sound package behind their pants during their putting session. It can be a matter of comfort and it will likely take time to get used to it.

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