Toronto is still under extreme cold warnings when the city digs from a storm


Extreme cold warnings remain in Toronto on Sunday, the day after a winter storm spilled about nine centimeters of snow in the city, making the streets slippery and difficult to pass.

Environment Canada says the values ​​of the wind will make the temperature feel like almost 30 on a Sunday morning.

A very cold Arctic airmass is expected to last for the weekend and Sunday night is expected to be very cold, the federal weather agency said in a warning.

Airmass means Toronto residents can expect a wind value of 30 later on Monday after the wind has subsided, but temperatures – 20 C or cooler on Monday night.

But there is relief that is visible.

On Tuesday, a lighter airmass is expected to arrive in Toronto, carrying high temperatures – 5 C.

Meanwhile, the city said it continued to hijack major and local roads and clean the sidewalk after it snowed on Saturday.


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