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Thousands are still helpless after snow, strong winds hit the Atlantic of Canada

Thousands of households are still living in the dark after a massive snow storm hit Canada Atlantic, forcing several schools and heating centers to be erected throughout the area Friday.

The massive snowstorm that hit the East Coast of Canada on Thursday came with strong winds and wet, heavy snow that knocked down several electricity lines throughout the area throughout the day.

Power outages peaked on Thursday at more than 300,000 customers – with nearly 250,000 Nova Scotia Power customers. That number has since fallen to nearly 13,000 in the province.

The combination of strong winds and wet snow lowered the electricity poles. (Brian Higgins / CBC)

The remaining blackouts were concentrated in Nova Scotia north and northeast, with most of them in Amherst, Stellarton and Tatamagouche.

The company said it would renew the recovery time throughout the day.

"Restoration is very challenging in the northeastern region of the province where the crew has dealt with trees that are contacting the electricity and cable networks that are falling," Sean Borden, storm leader of Nova Scotia Power, said in a statement.

Blackouts remain on P.E.I.

On P.E.I., outages peaked at 80,000 for Electric Maritime with all 7,000 Summerside Electric customers coming out as well. On Friday morning, around 7,000 Maritime Electric customers were still affected by a power outage.

Crew outside the province helped restore power, and utilities said cleaning work would continue.

"We are still in recovery mode for our big storm. Cleaning will be good for the next few days and weeks," said Kim Griffin, spokesman for the Maritime Electricity.

In addition, the problem with submarine cables that connect the grid to New Brunswick cuts electricity from the mainland.

In New Brunswick, more than 8,000 NB Power customers are still without electricity. At the height of the storm, NB Power had around 46,000 customers without electricity after 80 kilometers per hour of wind hit the province.

Most customers are still affected in Kent County, where around 3,000 households experience blackouts.

Marc Belliveau, a spokesman for NB Power, said more than 90 crew members were recovering power in the entire province. Power is expected to be returned to residents on a Friday.

Meanwhile, Belliveau asks customers to stay away from falling lines or trees in cables, and for households without electricity to pull out items.

"Taking this cold load causes repeated blackouts as we restore power and slow down our progress," he said.

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