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The Weather Network predicts cold weather, winter storms in most of Canada

Salmaan Farooqui, The Canadian Press

Published Monday, 18 November 2019 4:27 EST

It will be a long, cold and messy winter in most of Canada, according to seasonal forecasts released Monday by the Weather Network.

November has brought historically early snowfall in southern Ontario and power cuts in the savannah, setting what chief meteorologist Chris Scott has said will be a trend throughout the winter.

"The coming winter all over the country looks more frozen than thawed, and we have seen the entrance to the beginning of winter this fall," he said. "The signs we see this year really show that we are in a more lively winter than in the whole country – and that will be long enough for many Canadians."

But things look a little better in British Columbia, where Scott says temperatures will be slightly above normal and rainfall will be below normal.

However, he said there might still be a two-week period in which winter suddenly appeared on the Pacific coast. Conditions will also tend to be favorable in the British Columbia ski area, even though temperatures are slightly higher.

In Alberta, Scott said, there would be above normal rainfall in the south, with very cold temperatures throughout the province.

The deep freezing trend will continue through Saskatchewan and Manitoba. That was especially true in the southern part of the meadow, where Scott said he expected cold air to be anchored this season.

From southern Ontario to southern Quebec, Scott said, people can prepare for winter that is colder than usual and has more rainfall than usual.

He hoped that there would be storms throughout Quebec and Ontario, but said that there would be a mixture of rainfall. That means rain can often clear snow after a large pile, and there is a possibility of ice conditions

"Once we settle in winter, it doesn't look like early spring," Scott said, saying that winter in Ontario and Quebec will be hard work towards the end.

In fact, Scott said, all provinces in eastern Manitoba are likely to face a prolonged winter. Spring weather is expected to arrive in late March or early April.

In Atlantic Canada, Scott predicted it would not be cold, but it would be a very stormy season.

"This will be a real mess depending on where you are," he said.

There will likely be plenty of snow in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Scott said, while in Nova Scotia there will be a mixture of snow, ice and rain.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, Scott said, snow would fall on average.

Scott said Nunavut and the Northwest Region are likely to experience average winter conditions, which results in a warmer-than-usual winter trend in Far North.

"In the last few years we have seen signals of climate change where we are getting a warmer winter than usual, and that is something we will see for years and decades to come," Scott said.

But he said that this year was an exception, especially because near the North Pole, colder air tends to trend near Nunavut compared to near Russia and Scandinavia.

But in the Yukon, winter is likely to be warmer than usual, Scott added.

Yukon and British Columbia are also the only part of the country where spring can appear in early 2020. Scott said the whole country must get ready for a hard and prolonged season.

The Canadian Press report was first published on 18 November 2019

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