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The Vancouver restaurant closes after mice thought to be found in soup

A restaurant in East Vancouver has been closed, a day after rats were allegedly found in a bowl of soup produced in his kitchen.

On Thursday, a video posted by the protector at the Chowdery Crab Park showed dead rats in a bowl of soup bread.

The Vancouver Coastal Health Inspector visited the cafe on Friday morning to investigate, and let it remain open. However, the Mamie Taylor restaurant – home to a commercial kitchen where home chowder soup is made – has been ordered to be closed.

VCH spokesman Tiffany Akins said the inspectors found evidence of mice in Mamie Taylor's and immediately closed the restaurant and commercial kitchen.

Ashton Phillips, Crab owner Park Chowdery, said he was fully responsible for this situation and would try to understand how a mouse ended up on a plate.

Phillips said it was almost impossible for a mouse to climb a large can where the restaurant kept its soup, and that many people were suspicious of the authenticity of the video, but the staff immediately apologized to the guests and offered them a $ 100 card gift.

"Unfortunately, when mistakes occur in the world today, when they enter the world of social media, the ball starts rolling and it's very difficult to stop," Phillips said.

Ashton Phillips, owner of Crab Park Chowdery, said it was almost impossible for a mouse to go up to a large can where the restaurant stores their soup. (CBC News)

The video quickly collected hundreds of comments and shared them on food forums around the city. On Friday morning, Vancouver Coastal Health said it had received several complaints.

In an Instagram message, the woman who recorded the video said she and her friend immediately told staff about the mouse. He said food was taken and the owner offered them a full refund and a gift card.

CBC has reached out to customers who posted videos and customers who allegedly found mice, but no woman would give their full identity.

The Gastown restaurant was last inspected on October 10, when VCH staff found four critical health and safety violations – although no one mentioned rodents.

However, routine inspections on February 6 found "signs of rat activity" in the restaurant. The supervisors also found that the restaurant was not kept clean and that its conditions "could cause pest storage / breeding."

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