The Universe is a Bubble, Pumped by Dark Energy


Dark Energy

A new theory that bends the mind claims not only makes sense for an expanding universe and extra dimensions, but also string theory and dark energy.

According to the new model, it is proposed in the journal Physical Review Letter by researchers from Uppsala University, the entire universe rides a bubble that expands in an "additional dimension" – which is inflated by dark energy and which is the home of strings extending out from it and related to all the material they contain.

Destroy it

This paper is very dense and theoretical. But the surprising new theory he put forward, said the author, could provide new insights about the ultimate creation and purpose of the cosmos.

However, in the long term, physicists have suggested many outrageous models for the universe over the years – many of which we have discussed here in Futurism. In fact: until a theory not only matches the evidence but helps explain new findings, the path to consensus will be long.


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