The severe cold came on Sunday after a snowstorm in the entire Hamilton-Niagara area


The "severe" winter storm hit Hamilton Saturday, carrying strong winds, heavy snow and freezing temperatures throughout the region – along with closures and car accidents.

Snow will vary, but Hamilton will likely get 20 to 40 cm of snow on Sunday mornings – maybe 45 cm in some places, said Canadian Environmental meteorologist Peter Kimbell. The agency initially estimated 15 to 25 cm for the area.

Some places already have 25 cm of snow on Saturday afternoons, Kimbell said, and he expects 10 to 15 cm more at night. This storm is also expected to bring strong winds up to 60 km / hour.

"It's a severe winter storm, there's no question about it," Kimbell said in the afternoon, adding that the worst snow is likely to occur at night.

Hamilton to Grimsby was hit by the hardest, with Mount likely to get the heaviest snowfall, Kimbell said.

Snow will be "far less" for areas north of Hamilton and Burlington, said Environment Canada. Niagara also has to reduce snow, at an altitude of 15 to 25 cm, Kimbell said.

Snow starts Saturday morning, and is expected to subside later tonight

The temperature will get colder

Health Officer Hamilton also issued a cold weather warning for Saturday night.

Environment Canada said temperatures will continue to fall until Sunday, approaching -30 ° C on Sunday night,

"The wind always makes it feel cooler, and increases the risk of frostbite and hypothermia," Medical Officers said Heath, urging people to examine vulnerable families, friends and neighbors.

Tony Batelic, who lives on a mountain in Hamilton, did a "round 1" shovel. (Robert Krbavac / CBC)

Storm brings a car accident, closure

The police urged the driver to use "very carefully" during the storm.

The accident began at Hamilton Saturday morning, said Hamilton Police, with "more" expected.

On Saturday, the Ontario Provincial Police in the region tweeted that they had investigated more than 80 vehicle accidents.

Meanwhile, snowy weather caused cancellations and closures in the area, with libraries, museums, recreation centers and school buildings closed.

Don't drive unless you have to – the road may be difficult to navigate, with visibility almost zero sometimes, Environment Canada warns.

Snow out all day

The city mobilized snow plows on Saturday morning, said Bob Paul, road manager and Hamilton maintenance, and would clear the road all the time.

You can track the plow here on the "pirate tracker" online. You can also see the priority level of cleaning snow on the road.

"It's close to 30cm on West Mountain," Kevin Whyte wrote on Twitter Saturday afternoon. Mountains may get the most snow in Hamilton, according to Environmental Canada meteorologist. (Twitter / @ KevinWhyte87)

Paul said the plow concentrated on priority level one and two roads for now, before they got to the residential road.

"We hijacked something and in a few minutes it was covered with snow again," he said.

There were about 130 plows on the road, he said, along with several other snow cleaning devices.

Don't try to get past the snow plow, said the city

Paul said he saw a number of drivers trying to get past the snow on Saturday.

"It's a bit hairy for the operator," he said, urging people to be patient and give the snow plow room to work.

Snowy road on the Redhilll Parkway on the Greenhill bridge. (Robert Krbavac / CBC)

"There's no advantage in driving a plow truck."

Paul also asks people to keep their cars off the road so it's easier to clean the road.

On Saturday afternoon, Niagara Police said they did not have anything extraordinary in the event of an accident.

Closure and cancellation

The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board closes all schools and administration buildings for Saturdays and Sundays because of the weather, including recreational programs at the school gym, continuing education and community rental programs at HWDSB schools.

Hamilton Public Library closes early at 2pm. and Hamilton's citizenship museum is also closed today.

Hamilton's recreation center closes early, between 5-6pm, and the evening program is canceled. The arena will remain open

CBC Hamilton Twitter followers shared Charlie's photo on Mount Hamilton. (Twitter / @ DaveyD99)

Hamilton Airport reminds people to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport.

The fire department also reminded people to keep the exits free from ice and snow, he said.

Make sure the outside vents for your furnace and water heater are clean, he said, and keep the hydrants clean in front of your property.

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It snows in the morning in Hamilton on Saturday. (Laura Howells / CBC)


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