The public must be protected from & # 39; violence, manipulative & # 39; who is 14 years old, said the judge


WARNING: Some of the details below might bother the reader.

BROOK CORNER, N.L. – The boy is only 14 years old – but the victim is even younger.

In September, he lured a 12-year-old girl to an abandoned building, where he and another young man beat and kicked him and held the knife to his throat.

Then he strangled him until he fell unconscious.

Now, a Newfoundland judge has sentenced the boy to 10 months – less 30 days for the time he has served – in custody and safe supervision.

Judge Wayne Gorman acknowledged the life of the troubled boy – he suffered partial fetal alcohol syndrome and was withdrawn from his parents' detention before he was one year old due to lack of attention and drug use.

But Gorman rejected Crown and defense suggestions that the boy should be safely guarded – the judge said he was not ready to return to the community.

"The rehabilitation of young perpetrators is one of the main objectives of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, but that is not the sole purpose of the law. In cases like this the purpose of community protection must also be emphasized," Gorman said in his sentence this month.

"He was only 14 years old and desperately needed supervised care and control."

The boy's grandmother, who has custody, told officials that she had limited control over the boy, and was afraid of what he might do with him and others when he went out.

He pleaded guilty, but the judge said he did not show clear remorse and had a history of violence and disruption – he was described by one official as "out of control, violent, manipulative youth without worries about how his actions influenced other people around him or anything to follow court order. "

He has 125 "behavioral incidents" in grade 7, and 66 in grade 8, when he is only schooled for one hour a day.

A psychological report said the child said he had been involved "in a fight and beating more than he remembered. He stated he had been stabbed and stabbed another person, that he kicked his opponent on the ground and sometimes engaged in street fights without any other reason than satisfaction. "

Gorman's sentence included time for several crimes this year – including breaking windows, for burglary, and for stealing lottery tickets from Pojok Brook kiosks.

But it was the September 21 incident that caught the attention of most of the judges.

Boys and several other children skipped school and went to the abandoned building, where they began attacking 12-year-old girls, who they thought were "mice."

A knife was placed in his throat, he was told to kneel, and he was kicked. He was told that the building was "a good place to kill someone" and that his body would not be found.

The 14-year-old boy put it in chokehold until he fainted, and he was forced to cool with a knife on his chest.

On the way back to school, he told him that he would kill him if he told anyone. He was arrested the next day.

Crowns and defense have recommended boys face a six-month sentence of detention and open surveillance, with probation. But Gorman said that it would not help restore the boy – or protect the public from him.

"(He) was involved in a planned and planned attack on a 12-year-old girl to get revenge for (her) feeling she was a rat. (She) had little insight into her actions and had shown little if there was regret. She had shown nothing empathy for (him), "said the judge.

"He is a danger to the public and his grandmother."


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