The leaked Galaxy S10 and the Amazon robot safety vest


Okay, we go on again.The Galaxy S10 leak shows a line with three variants

Levan Phone Prolific is Evan's cellphone tweeted family photo of the Galaxy S10 which is said to show off three versions wrapped in a case. From left to right, you seem to be looking at S10E, S10 and S10 +. The plus seems to have a double hole punch on the front, while the rear camera has multi-lens alignment and a different amount of the Galaxy A9 quad camera released by Samsung last year. All must be disclosed February 20, in one way or another.

Must protect slippery organics.Amazon makes vests to keep robots from hitting humans

TechCrunch report that the Robot Technology Vest signals the robot that humans enter space to avoid any kind of impact. Amazon launched a device to improve security because it increases the use of automated systems in warehouses.

Use the OS, of course, you can use help.What did Google get from buying Fossil smartwatch technology?

Google has long believed in creating a "series of devices" for the smart watch platform. The ability of fossils to model by model from what is essentially the same device except with different designer clothes makes it very suitable for that vision.

Very fittingLook closely at Nike's automatic hit basketball shoes BB Adapt

So why does anyone need shoes that tighten themselves? Edgar Alvarez put on a $ 350 BB Adaptation to find out, testing not only automatic tightening but also shoe manual control and the ability to adjust matches through a smartphone application.

Currently they are designed for basketball players who may need to change tightness when their feet are enlarged during a match, but FitAdapt technology can also make life easier for people who cannot tie their own shoes. For now, they measure by being far more comfortable than HyperAdapt 1.0 last year.

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