The high levels of cocaine in the London river make hyperactive fish


Historic and famous London has skyrocketed to the peak of ugliness. A recent discovery carried out through research conducted by King's College in London shows that the Thames continues to have levels of cocaine that can be detected through them, and at a higher level than other regions of the continent.

Cocaine reaches the river from general urine, through treated sewers. The treatment process does not filter cocaine, so it directly enters the water. In addition, unprocessed water that enters the river after a storm increases the percentage of cocaine in the water. Researchers have found that cocaine creates "hyperactive" eels and simultaneously affects the surrounding aquatic ecosystems.

The researchers found that one microgram of cocaine per liter of unprocessed water flowed in the river. Reports from a controlled study conducted by Italian scientists state that two micrograms per liter is enough to make eels into a frenzy and cause damage to their muscles. It has been reported that chemicals accumulate in their brains, muscles, gills and skin.

According to the analysis of wastewater, Londoners use more cocaine than other European cities, higher than other cities tested. Interested parties call for improved water treatment methods that filter chemicals, however, it has been revealed that the Tideway Tunnel ditch must stop all waste from reaching the river once it opens in 2023.

Experts and conservationists who are not related to this study openly reciprocate research by stating that the level of research fluctuates and that the level of cocaine detected is not a problem. They also say that the river level is not constant and does not approach the level used in Italian controlled studies; that the Thames was once heavily polluted, but it has become one of the cleanest water bodies in Europe.

Increased levels of cocaine detected will soon be resolved and this is not an environmental problem. No reason to wait for activist groups to save him, it is only an indication that many Londoners like to consume cocaine, and that water treatment representatives need to improve their play a little.


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