Sunday , April 11 2021

The Essential Phone HD Audio Adapter accessory is now available for $ 149

Five months after Essential first tempted its HD Audio Adapter for Important Phones, the accessory was officially launched.

Essential now sells HD Audio Adapters for $ 149. Accessories attach to the back of the Phone Important You use a pogo pin device, and require an Important Phone that runs Android Pie, especially software to build PPR1.181005.076 or newer

HD Audio Adapters include high-resolution ESS Saber DAC with MWA rendering hardware, designed to allow you to listen to high-resolution audio on your Essential Phone. This device has an audiophile class amplifier that can drive audiophile-grade headphones, and it gets 24-bit input, 96 kHz and MQA renders up to 32-bit, 384 kHz.

Important HD Audio Phone Adapters up close

Accessories are made of titanium and have LEDs of different colors to show the master quality, standards, or non-MQA content that is being played. And perhaps most importantly, the HD Audio Adapter adds a 3.5mm headphone jack to your Important Phone.

With these accessories, Essential clearly targets Important Phone owners who consider themselves audiophiles and want the best audio they can get with their phone. This accessory is not cheap, but has a lot of audio hardware in a small package, allowing Essential Phone owners to get high-quality audio from their devices without a lot of bulk additions.

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