Saturday , May 8 2021

The creator of Overwatch acknowledged Ashe's purpose was broken, saying improvements would come

While hero 29 is generally well received, players on PC have realized there is something a little about its purpose, with many reports that they lost shots that seemed right on target.

Now, the creator of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, admitted there were several problems with Ashe's goal. He linked the problem with the animation 'down shot' (in short, ADS). Interestingly, he pointed out that this problem only occurs when playing at a high frame rate – 60 or above, and acknowledges that this player will experience a "choppy" animation when aiming at the scene.

Kaplan wrote in Reddit's detailed post: "The ADS still happens at the right speed. But the animation that looks can feel a little loose. In the upcoming patch, ADS is smoothed regardless of how high your FPS is and should feel much better. "

Kaplan convinced fans that developers at Blizzard were working to fix the problem but most likely will hit the main server after the current PTR patch, which introduced changes to Brigitte and Doomfist.

"This is a very large code and requires sufficient testing so we don't want to be in a hurry and risk breaking something else," Kaplan added.

So it seems we will wait at least a week or two before we can start to bring up a clutch headshot with an Overwatch new rifle. While fixing it, you can always try to lock your framerate below 60, but because Overwatch offers up to 300 FPS, we doubt many will choose that solution.

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