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The bus route from Thompson to Winnipeg was canceled because it was very cold

The cold air that covered most of Manitoba hit one of the province's newest bus lines late Sunday.

Maple Bus Lines canceled the scheduled route between Thompson and Winnipeg for the night, because Environment Canada estimated extreme cold winds that could make it feel as cold as -53 C in Thompson.

"I just feel uncomfortable at such a temperature," Maple Bus Lines owner Lori Mann said, adding that she did not want to see anyone stranded on the highway in very cold conditions.

"It's pretty quiet, even the gas station and everything on the clock is sporadic.

"It's difficult, but safety first, I'd rather be safe because if the bus goes down, it's not feasible."

A post on the company's Facebook page said customers who had bought tickets for a run on Sunday would get a full refund, and Mann said the bus line was trying to contact those who ordered seats to notify them of the change.

"I feel bad, but you know, if something happens, it won't be right," Mann said.

Maple Bus Lines has run routes between Thompson and Winnipeg since Greyhound Canada suspended service in the fall.

Services on the route will continue on January 1, provided the weather improves.

Almost all Manitoba provinces are under extreme cold weather warnings of Canada's Sunday Environment.

The warning stretches from the northern tip of the province to the U.S. border, with only the southeastern tip of Manitoba avoiding the warning.

Environment Canada says the extremely cold Arctic air mass expected to hang in the province over the next few days is the cause of very cold temperatures.

The coldness of extreme winds is estimated to exceed –40 C in much of southern Manitoba and –45 C in northern Manitoba.

The closer front will bring Manitoba out of the freezing in Wednesday, said Environment Canada.

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