The Burnaby Mountain workshop burst into flames next to the Kinder Morgan tank farm


When Burnaby's assistant fire chief Barry Mawhinney goes to Mount Burnaby on a 911 call on Saturday night, he looks up and realizes it will become stubborn.

He could see the fire shooting into the air.

"You can see this when I leave the station," Mawhinney said at around 10pm. Saturday night after a team of 34 firefighters finally managed to put out the fire in an uninhabited workshop.

The fire is on the east end of Aubrey Road on the ground next to the Kinder Morgan tank farm. Fire does not spread to tank farms, nor does it affect a house on the other side of the property. No one was hurt.

The building was completely swallowed when firefighters arrived at the location.

"It's a big fire to start," Mawhinney said.

It took around 45 minutes to finally put out the fire, said Mawhinney.

Fire suppression efforts are hampered because the property is at the top of the incline, which affects water pressure. Firefighters must be connected together hundreds of feet from the nearest fire hydrant.

Mawhinney said the initial concern was that the fire was so close to tank farms, adding that favorable winds and nearby trees benefited from wet conditions.

Mawhinney said if this fire occurred during the summer months, the story might be a lot different.


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