The alleged leader of the global sex trafficking operation was arrested in the GTA


Toronto police said suspected leaders of international sex trafficking operations were arrested in the Toronto area and faced extradition to the United States.

Officials said they began working with the FBI last August to investigate the 46-year-old GTA organization and man who allegedly led him.

They accused the accused of operating a criminal company that recruited women – mostly from China – to travel to the United States and elsewhere to engage in prostitution.

Investigators say that in the cities where the organization operates, "bosses" will oversee and manage brothels in hotel or apartment complexes and advertise women's sexual services online.

They say the organization employs shipping officers who will receive incoming requests from potential customers to set "dates". Shipping officers will schedule "dates" with women who work in various brothels.

Toronto police said that "multi-jurisdictional destruction operations" were carried out in Canada, the US and Australia on Tuesday, and the defendants were found in the Greater Toronto Area.

Zongtao Chen, who also went by Zong Tao Chen and Mark Chen, appeared in court on Wednesday on an extradition order from the U.S. government.

The clerk asked anyone with information about the defendant to advance.


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