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Tesla Ending 2018 With the Most Positive News Week So far – #Pravduh About #Tesla Report 17


Published on December 30, 2018 |
by Chanan Bos

December 30, 2018 by Chanan Bos


The last full week of 2018 is far more positive than the previous week when it came to Tesla coverage in major media outlets. In fact, based on percentages, this is the most positive week since we started tracking in September. Two new board members contributed greatly to this, as did the cumulative effects of the amazing Model 3 success stories.

When we delved deeper into the headlines about new board members, we found that there were a total of 23 headlines about it. From the headline, 9 mentions the SEC; and 6 mentions each of the following: curbing Musk, that Ellison is Elon's friend, US accusation, regulator, tweet, or other skepticism about the person appointed. Then there are 9 headlines that don't mention anything negative.

Because most are positive topics, we decided to rate almost all of them as positive even though many could be considered devious or even negative. 3 of our negative values ​​are:

  • "Why Tesla's Biggest Bear Is Skeptical for Ellison Addition" (Bloomberg)
  • "Tesla Taps Ellison, HR Expert to Prove Musk Restrained" (Bloomberg)
  • "Larry Ellison from Oracle, Walgreens Executive, Joins the Tesla Board to Meet the SEC Settlement Above Musk Tweets" (Forbes)

Overall, Bloomberg post 4 articles on this topic, and one from Forbes negative because it is the only header that contains the SEC and other negative elements.

In addition, in a strange event, the stock market was offered good news this week but then reacted negatively to it. Tesla cut prices in China and announced it would pay tax credit differences to those that Tesla could not give vehicles before 2019 years. Tesla stock [TSLA] slumped following the news. The announcement is positive, the stock market reaction is negative, and whether giving a positive or negative label is a little complicated. Given this, 4 main headlines are considered neutral.

Yes, that's basically for 2018 besides the December / Q4 report, which will come out next week. Starting next year, we will also include more news sources and all the headlines starting September 1, 2018.

Remember that every week we share raw data (headlines and scores). You can scan yourself if you want to double-check our findings or just see the main header for yourself. And you can see our own Tesla stories for more context and comparison. For details on our methodology and the broader context of this weekly analysis, see the previous Pravduh About Tesla report.

#Pravduh About #Tesla
Report # 17 (December 22-28)

The next problem with our itinerary is to track down the authors covering this story. Although the entire list is too long to be placed here because there are many writers who have written only one section about Tesla, here are the authors who published more than 9 articles about Tesla since we started tracking on September 1, ranking from at least positive to most positive:

The neutrality index changes from -100% to 100% positive. In this system, 0% is neutral. The number of articles and the percentage of negative / positive are also still displayed. This system provides good details about the position of the author.

For this whole section, note: In the main media outlets, there are often title writers who control this part of the article. Nonetheless, we find tracking authors interesting and potentially useful to consider the types of stories that writers tend to write.

What Changed With Tesla Last Week

Adding to summaries in the intro, here's a list of Tesla news and potential news sorted by day. You can consider yourself what was objectively an important update in the "Tesla story" last week.

Sneaky Main News Last Week

  • As far as years have passed, 2018 is something wild for car makers because Tesla, Nissan, GM investors hope for peace and tranquility in 2019 (CNBC)
  • Sensations, Frills, and Foibles New Mid Range Tesla Model 3 (Forbes)
  • Tesla: Buying an Opportunity or Falling Knife? (Street)

More and more of this #Pravduh About #Tesla reports are shared online through social media, more people will pay attention. If there is a continuous negative trend about Tesla in certain outlets – even when Tesla has so much positive news to share – people must know this and approach every new story by considering that context.

Again, this is data from this past week if you want to take a closer look at raw data.

For details on our methodology and the broader context of this weekly analysis, see the previous Pravduh About Tesla report.

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