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Alright, you have a weekend: You have watched the Netflix Fyre documentary, Fyre, and maybe the Hulu, Fyre Fraudalso (full disclosure: the Netflix doc was produced together with VICE Studios). Good, right. Witnessing the life of a rich child collapsed and fell apart. Watching rich people experience a bad weekend.

There are lots of dark emotions in watching Fyre – Schadenfreude, reverse jealousy, a kind of feeling of validation that hurts – but what we can do learn from it all? What lessons can we take? Good question, glad you asked. We combine strength and find the answer:

Filming Yourself Is A Bad Idea

After Billy left on bail, he invited several people to film him in the penthouse where he stayed, where he arranged fake NYC VIP Access with Frank, Full Fyre Kit Wanker. When they asked what he wanted to be filmed, he told them to keep the camera working and said something along the lines, "If I learn something during this process, that: the more the recording, the better."

I'm not a videographer, so withdraw this if I'm wrong – but surely the hours and hours of your video committing a crime are not a good thing? And then more recordings of you running a new fraud, when you come out on bail, are just as bad? Idk, maybe it's just me and my random opinion! JC

You May Not Need to Give a Customs Excise Blowjob to Free Your Evian for $ 175,000

The people at Customs are professionals. Your Evian bottled water container (what you need! To ensure that thousands of people who come to your Bahamas music festival are not completely and undeniably flooded with the island's plumbing!) Are things they hold every day. I'm sure you might only be able to ask for water and promise to pay. You don't need to, say, instruct a man who you Christianize as your "gay leader" to get his sweet ass to Customs and, uh, "bring one to the team".

Because in the end, even though Customs men might like blowjobs well, he is also at work, where such things are liked. It's actually very simple when you say it like that. LO'N

The rich? Idiot

As someone who spends most of his income getting exactly the same food from McDonald's that's sent to their homes more than a week, as I want to admit, I really don't have a business to tell others how to spend their money .

But Rich Boy is wild. First, imagine having $ 12,000. Now, imagine having the confidence to drop $ 12,000 at a festival, about which zero information has been released? At a festival where Blink-182, of all people, made headlines? Stupid people. NB

You May Not Have to Do Anything Kendall Jenner Tells You?

I see. Kendall Jenner is very rich and very hot. He is the type of person you want to listen to. My favorite politician is Cardi B, so I understand. But Kendall Jenner was not like Cardi B, for the simple reason that, for most of his life, KJ had been followed by the camera and said most of the things he said, and then paid for it. He told you to go to FYRE Festival because FYRE Festival told him, for money. Therefore, he is potentially not the best authority in this matter. But only spit. You do you LO'N

We Are All About Two Foods That Are Skipped From Going Feral

Amid all anarchy – the Ja Rule model that demands jumping into the dark black sea, the World's Most Awkward Millionaire somehow convinced people to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars, a little with mouthwash, a little where dessert men change clothes with a worker and hide behind the car, sad little letters "F", "Y", "R", "E" lurk in the sand – the part that really sticks to me is when Justin Liao pisses on all the tents holding a selfie stick. Because I don't understand why he peed all the tents while holding a selfie stick.

"Our strategy [to avoid having neighbours] is to search all the tents around us, "he said, with the rational calm of a confined serial killer." I just started poking holes and flipping mattresses, and my friend peed on some beds. "

At this point, I want to show that it is the First Day: it is not even clear that this festival is still in great trouble. At this stage, guests are only asked to take the tent and everything will be OK tomorrow. There he is. Then: and then he peed on the tent. Like, listen: we are all in Reading / Leeds for the last wild night when the tents caught fire and dirt began to sail in the air like missiles. We all urinate in the tent. But wait until you have at least one festival day before you go off the runway, bro, damn it hell J G


Ja Rule and Billy Mcfarland. Photo: Netflix

Deception is Easy

Because people are stupid. Some Instagram model videos on the beach and dozens of posts against the same orange background then, thousands of people fell to 50 thousand on plastic bracelets. Just look at how easy it is to be happy for the first guests when they show up and are given free vodka bottles at the base bar on the beach. It took six hours for someone to be like, "Toilet?"

Our boy, Billy, is greedy. The half-burned Coachella replica, not just a disaster shelter and three days of twisting the Kardashian people who shouted, "DO EVERYONE HAVE A GOOD TIME?" to the same Calvin Harris DJ set will make everyone order again for the following year – DF

When the Most Reasonable Ideas Come from a Pilot Who Teaches Themselves to Fly with & # 39; Microsoft Flight Simulator & # 39 ;, It's Time to Reassess Your Priorities

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, and maybe if Billy followed the planner / pilot's advice Keith van der Linde about "going to Home Depot and buying a thousand toilets", people would not urinate and defecate on their mattresses.

It's so wild that the only man who has the sense to test the night in one of the grim storm shelter tents – later described as "brutal" and "impossible" – is a self-taught pilot who learns to fly by playing video games. JCu

Bullshitter Men Will Always Rise Again

Billy is a man who fainted on the beach, his stomach upright, a small beer bottle in hand, while the day's feast happened. A man who was so enamored with his own nonsense Lord of the Flies II: Promise Hailey Baldwin erupted around it before he shed tears of concern. Men who do not know empathy, who cannot build something fair and honest, who will smile and smile when the world is on fire.

This unstoppable screwed bastard reminded me of so many men in middle to upper management positions, who – after making love – would use privileges, connections, smarms, and sociopathic tendencies to sneak back to their previous positions. At the end of the documentary, some people said they could see Billy's success again when he left prison in six years, and as an audience, I believed them. HE


Bella Hadid in a promotional video for the Fyre Festival

Piss Ups, Breweries, Human Beliefs

I have to admit something, and that is: when I'm watching Fyre, a documentary about a hubristic white man who tries to organize mega-festivals with little more than self-confidence and lots of other people's money, the annoying thoughts that continue to happen to me are: I can do this. I can do this job better. That's easy, right! Don't look for men who learn to fly Flight Simulator to head your operations! Don't tell a neurotic guy to plan everything while reading every comment on Instagram simultaneously! Maybe get more accommodations at! Pay import tax, not suckin! How difficult is that!

Maybe I'm wrong with the world; maybe my energy is the energy that crashes this ball of soil into the sun. Even though watching men fail nonstop for an hour and a half, the insignificant part of me suspect I can do it better, even though there is absolutely no evidence. That's the real problem with Fyre – the fact that, because of people like Billy McFarland, and me, this will happen again someday J G

It Is Very Potential To Spend A Thousand Dollars To Load Plastic Bracelets With Cash, Especially When Someone Ways Your Own Phone Will Describe As & # 39; Aggressive & # 39; which encourages you to do it

Potential. LO'N

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