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Surprise Cameo of Stormi Webster in Kylie Jenner's Latest Makeup Tutorial Is a Must-See in the Kardashians

Stormi Webster nothing to say, but the little girl has become a stunning YouTube sensation.

Kylie Jenner and Travis ScottThe baby is almost 10 months old (already!) And he proved himself to be a key player in some of Kylie's best photos and videos. On Wednesday, the creator of Kylie Cosmetics posted a makeup tutorial video on YouTube demonstrating how to copy stylish, almost effortless Kylie eye makeup. That was his explanation to get ready when he joined Travis Astroworld tour.

A few minutes into the video, that Guard with the Kardashians The star brings Stormi to the camera, which seems to have just emerged from a nap.

Anyone who has ever slept midday can definitely relate to her baby.

With Travis "Sicko Mode" playing in the background, Kylie holds Stormi and says happily, "Liner and Stormi wake up!" Even though "wake up" might be a generous term.

Kylie asked, "Are you awake?" but Stormi just looked to the side. Did he aim for his bed?

The 21-year-old makeup mogul then began humming with his daughter, but he was not very receptive. Moments later, however, Stormi could be heard saying a few words that sounded something along the line "blah blah blah blah." He only heated up the sound of his singing when he supported his father at Astroworld concert at Madison Square Garden!

Towards the end of the video, Kylie gave a little more context about how she, Travis and Stormi traveled in style. He said, "Travis and I have our own room and I always get a separate room so that I can store all the clothes …" but then he is disturbed by Stormi's singing again. "I always get a separate room for all my clothes, my makeup and of course, Stormi."

He did it so that his daughter could "have more room to play" when they lived away from their homes. Kylie also revealed that she was a packing expert because she put all her clothes in her suitcase before she traveled and hanging her clothes was the first thing she did every time she checked in.

It seems like we can learn more than just makeup from this tutorial!

A few weeks ago, Kylie posted a video of herself trying to teach Stormi some new vocabulary words – including "Kylie Cosmetics." That's not necessarily going to plan, but a small step.

On Tuesday, the reality TV star supported Travis at the Madison Square Garden concert, which seems to be his biggest show to date. He dressed in style – as usual – and dressed Astroworld bright high-waisted shirt and orange pants. Before leaving for MSG, he posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the title "the look you gave when hubby was performing in Madison Square Garden tonight."

Rapper "Bintang" can't be happier to have his family by his side, too. He was once a loving father and was ready to give Stormi the best possible life. While visiting Children & Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston Hospital, he said he is currently undergoing his "life goal," which includes Stormi being "part of what I live."

He said at the hospital, "You cut a lot of things so Stormi can have the best life, the worst, the loneliest time."

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