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Study Reveals Surprising Facts About People Who Consume Alcohol and Coffee | Mississauga

We all want to live healthier and longer, right?

Diet. Sports. Spiritual journey. Here are some things that most people see if they want to achieve high goals.

Conventional wisdom lately is drinking too much coffee and alcohol is also not healthy. Many people have turned to tea lately, whether it's herbal or other forms.

However, a study in America has produced findings that show otherwise. According to a new study from the UC Irvine Institute for Memory Disorders and Neurological Disorders called The 90+ Study, a number of interesting findings were found from those who participated in the study of longevity.

The following are the main findings of this study:

  • People who drink alcohol or coffee in amounts are living longer than those who abstain.

  • Overweight people in their 70s outlive normal or thin people.

  • More than 40 percent of people aged 90 and older suffer from dementia while nearly 80 percent are disabled. Both are more common in women than men.

  • About half of people with dementia over the age of 90 do not have enough neuropathology in their brains to explain their cognitive loss.

  • People aged 90 and older with the APOE2 gene are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's clinical dementia, but are far more likely to have Alzheimer's neuropathology in their brains.

The 90+ study began in 2003 to study the oldest, fastest growing age group in the United States. Participants are visited every six months by researchers who carry out neurological and neuropsychological tests.

Researchers at the Aging Research and Education Clinic (CARE), located in Laguna Woods, obtained information about diet, activities, medical history, medicines, and various other factors. In addition, participants were given a series of cognitive and physical tests to determine how well people in this age group functioned.

Although this study is based in the United States, it is the same lifestyle as North America in Canada so that the comparison is fair. You might notice points about overweight people in their 70s living longer than normal or thin people.

That may sound surprising but according to other studies, researchers in Canada reported the same findings after analyzing data from more than 11,000 adults who were followed for more than a decade.

In the study, people who met the criteria for being overweight were 17 percent less likely to die than those with normal weight and overweight participants in their 70s who were followed for up to 10 years to have a 13 percent lower risk of death than participants classified as normal weight.

Regarding alcohol, it might not be a license for you to go out and buy a ton of beer, but maybe more calls for moderate amounts of beer, or even wine, now and then. And additional studies show that coffee has health benefits such as preventing Parkinson's disease.

One thing is certain, this sounds like a call for the tendency for more wine to be drunk next year.

What do you think about 90+ Study findings?

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