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Snowy, windy and cold New Year's Day is expected

Most of Newfoundland and Labrador will ring in the new year combined with winter elements.

Weather forecast shows significant amounts of snow en route to parts of Newfoundland, while extreme cold weather warnings are applied to western Labrador.

This is a "fairly large winter storm," said Canadian Environmental meteorologist Tabea Fiechter, which will begin in southwest Newfoundland and Labrador parts on Tuesday afternoon.

"It will spread to many regions, reach St. John basically tomorrow night, and then last until Wednesday and even Wednesday night," he said.

"We are seeing good snow, good wind," he said.

Most islands can expect snow between 15 to 25 centimeters, if the weather stays on track as expected Monday morning.

Wind in St. John and on the Avalon Peninsula on Monday night will reach 30 km / h, making temperatures cooler for New Year's Eve celebrations.

But the temperature is nothing compared to the extreme cold in the Labrador City and Wabush regions, where cold wind values ​​reach -45 C and lower.

"Basically, at such temperatures, you walk and walk at a speed of 5 km / h, you just have to hit the cold wind criteria," Fiechter said.

While winter storms will make gray New Year's Day, Fiechter says there is little sunlight, but only if you wake up early – or really celebrate it late.

"Tomorrow morning there may be a short period where you see a little sun if you wake up early enough," he said.

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