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Royal Tusk is back with the new mammoth album


With the release of his new album, Edmonton rock band, Royal Tusk, feels bolder with a heavier voice. Vocalist Daniel Carriere and bassist Sandy MacKinnon have succeeded in taking what was originally a side project born from their original band, the Second Ten Epics, and built it into a giant music machine.

Royal Tusk does Monday, November 26 in the Starlite Room.

band1 Royal Tusk is back with a new album mammoth

Tusk II took 24 days to record, in two sessions, at Vespa Studios in North York, Ontario. the album cover of Royal Tusk is back with a new album mammoth

Carriere said the songs were written for one year and demonstrated many times before the studio was ready.

"Not a super fancy studio," recalled MacKinnon. "Work with what we have. We carry so many teeth, four to five individual guitars. Don't have time in the world. High-speed creativity. "

Without additional interference, ("You don't want to spend 10 hours to match the snare drum," MacKinnon said) the band was able to make 10 tracks of thick rock songs and speaker-rattling.

producer Royal Tusk returned with a new album mammoth

Manning boards again are award-winning producer Juno, Eric Ratz.

Carriere said the band enjoyed working with Ratz on his previous album, DealBreaker, and wanted to continue working relationships.

The mixing board used in the studio was once used by a large pop music producer who produced the Backstreet Boys, according to Carriere.

"Hopefully there's still a little magic dust there."

Karting Royal Tusk is back with the new album Mammoth

The songs on Tusk II vary from intense to brooding. How does the band not give up to wallow in the dark?

"We will go go karts, bring the ball to kick. "We will break (studio session) with humor," Carriere said. "We spend so much time together, we are like brothers."

"It's endless nonsense," added MacKinnon, who stressed the band's lifestyle had a very pleasant component driven by beer.

Carriere Jokes, "I can't stand these people. You have to face it. "

After Royal Tusk returned with a new album mammoth

A brutal music video was shot to accompany the first album, Aftermath.

"This is meditation in the world that we have today," Carriere said. "It was inspired the day after the Pulse Nightclub photo shoot. That's how violence affects people and culture and how we adjust it; this is new normal. Only humans make people feel overwhelmed, to put it behind their minds. "

"This is a scary thing at a time when we were young, shooting at school greatly affected us. Now, bad things happen and we move very fast, "MacKinnon said.

The northern Tusk Royal is back with the new mammoth album

Northern Town's track brings the difference as Albertan's most song on Tusk II.

"It's about someone who moved to Fort Mac or something like that to make money," Carriere explained. "He arrived at that age when he had to make something about himself and the only metric to judge his value was financial. He thought that was the only way people would respect him. "

rawk Royal Tusk is back with a new mammoth album

Previous recordings had been Royal Tusk experimenting with sound, but the Tusk II vibe was a natural development, according to the band.

"That is a conscious decision. (Tusk II) sounds more like us, where other notes sound more quiet, we find our voices here, "Carriere said.

"We love metals and this becomes super natural and organic," MacKinnon added.

The band will be touring behind the new album until the summer ("Tour unrecorded recordings") and hope to visit new markets, especially in the US and want to share some tour advice for musicians who want to hit the road.

"Eat at the casino on tour. "They have very good hours and cheap and tasty food," Carriere said.

"Gambling before noon … like giving back to the community," joked MacKinnon.

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