Results of Lotto and Lotto Plus: Saturday, January 19, 2019


The latest Ithuba National Lottery lottery in South Africa, including its secondary lottery, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, is held on Saturday, January 19, 2019.

That Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 the results for Saturday, January 19, 2019 are as follows:


02, 07, 17, 24, 39, 46 Bonus Ball: 27

Lotto Plus 1:

14, 19, 31, 33, 35, 38 Bonus Ball: 01

Lotto Plus 2:

06, 07, 11, 45, 48, 49 Bonus Ball: 12

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Jackpot Estimates

The Ithuba National Lottery shows that the number of jackpots for Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 is R16 million, R15 million and R1.9 millionEach.

Current Images and Jackpot History

The last time Lotto produced the jackpot winner was on December 29, 2018. The lucky winner went with R3.2 million.

In the same vein, the last time we saw the jackpot winner in the Lotto Plus 1 draw was December 1, 2018. The lucky winner left with a decent amount of R2.4 million.

On the other hand, the winner of the Lotto Plus 2 jackpot was crowned on January 12, 2019 – the lucky winner went with an attractive amount of R14 million.


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