Report: Chris Brown Seems to Claim Accuser After Paris Arrests Charges of Rape Hotels


By Martin Holmes.

2 hours ago

Police officials have confirmed that Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of rape in Paris, France.

The singer was accused of sexually abusing a 24-year-old woman in her hotel room in Paris last week. According to the publication of the French tabloid Closerthe woman also accused her of being harassed by Brown's bodyguard and a friend of the player.

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The woman told police that she met Brown at a nightclub and he invited her back to his hotel room with another woman. However, according to his testimony, when he arrived at the hotel, he ended up in a room alone with Brown where he claimed to have been raped.

A police official told the Associated Press that the complaint was filed in the 17th arrondissement district of Paris. Brown and two other men were arrested on Monday and are still detained when police investigate the claim.

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This "Loyal" singer has been involved in legal matters for several years, since pleading guilty to the crime attack of Rihanna's former girlfriend in 2009. She completed her probation in that case in 2015.

He was also tied to another sexual violence lawsuit in North America, where he was charged with allegedly giving cocaine and other drugs at a party at his Los Angeles home, where a woman claimed to have been sexually abused by one of Brown's friends.

Following the news of his arrest, Brown went down to Instagram to state, without certain conditions, that his accuser "lied," insisting that the allegations were "wrong and overwhelming." [crap]"

The accusation, he added, was "very rude and contrary to my character and morals!"

Now, attorney Brown Raphael Chiche reportedly told TMZ the singer plans to take legal action against his accuser. "Chris Brown is free. There were no lawsuits filed against him. He excitedly challenged the accusations against him, "said Chiche. "Complaints for slander complaints will be filed tomorrow with the Paris public prosecutor."


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