Regional Flu Shot Works, According to Official Health News Top Ontario Health Center


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Regional | by
Travis Jackson

David Williams said to get your flu vaccination. Why not? Free!

A leading medical health official in Ontario said that this year's flu vaccine seemed to reach its target.

David Williams said, the vaccine was carefully formulated to protect from the four types of flu currently based on recommendations from the World Health Organization. And Dr. Williams said when we enter the peak season of flu, the vaccine looks good.

Dr. Williams says with so many of us traveling, shopping or going to parties this year, the risk of getting high flu and flu shots can help you avoid severe pain and spread flu to others.

Dr Williams said it could make healthy adults seriously ill for weeks. This can be far worse for high-risk groups.

You can get a flu shot from your health care provider, the local public health unit and most free pharmacies.

He said it took about two weeks for the vaccine to take effect, so he suggested getting it as soon as possible.

He told us that this is the year that you will most likely get sick.

Williams said that if you don't close your mouth while sneezing, you have the potential to infect everyone around it.

Williams said for anyone who is worried about getting a cold or having another negative reaction from contracting the flu – don't. He said flu shots would not make you sick, that would prevent it.


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