Quebecer, who was locked up in Cuba, said he had been convicted in a second trial


MONTREAL – A Quebec man trapped in Cuba after being involved in a boating accident that killed fellow tourists in 2017 said he once again faced four years in prison after a second trial.

Toufik Benhamiche said in a statement that he was convicted in connection with the incident after the trial that took place on December 10.

The man from Mascouche, Que., Was initially convicted of criminal negligence that caused death, but the ruling was canceled by the Cuban supreme court earlier this year.

Benhamiche, 48, was driving a small boat as part of a tour in July 2017 on Cayo Coco when the car turned out of control and fatally crashed into a woman from Ontario.

His lawyer argued that the rental company violated Cuban safety standards, and that Benhamiche was given only a few instructions on how to operate the aircraft and was convinced that it was not dangerous.

His wife, Kahina Bensaadi, has repeatedly asked Canadian government officials to intervene and help bring her husband home.

Benhamiche said he would appeal the new verdict, which meant spending at least another year in Cuba.


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