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Otter told, 11 valuable koi were missing from Vancouver parks

Almost half a week has passed and the clever river otters that once inhabited the Classic Chinese Garden Dr. Sun Yat-Sen – and killing the majority of the Koi he loved – was still in a daydream.

Park members, Vancouver Park Council, and Vancouver Aquarium, spoke to the media for what was most believed to be the last time since # OtterWatch2018 began.

The Vancouver Park Council member confirmed that the animal had not been seen for at least three days and that the Koi left survived after being taken to the Vancouver Aquarium.

Executive Director of the Park Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Vincent Kwan, said a total of 11 koi were taken by beavers. He described it as "emotional loss" and explained that Koi was important, not only as a decorative element, but through their cultural values ​​in the Chinese community.

One of the deceased koi is Madonna, estimated to be 50 years old.

Staff in the garden also took the time to thank the Park Board and the Vancouver Aquarium for their extensive assistance and support.


Executive Director Vincent Kwan, speaking to the media. (@ ParkBoard / Twitter)

Park Board staff believe that the beavers have moved and announce that the Koi will be returned to the pond the following spring, after being sure they are out of danger.

The garden has now been reopened to the public.

Future efforts will be made to modify the entrance and exit of the garden. A campaign to help fill the Koi population can also be started later on.


@ ParkBoard / Twitter

And thus ended the story of the smart otter, the Vancouver Park Council, and the now destroyed Koi population. At least for now.

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