Oilers are fine with fewer sensations, more points when Hitchcock hockey survives


EDMONTON – Is this it, Edmonton? Is this what we get now, 0-0 hockey deep in the last two of the three matches?

Is this (gulp) hockey Ken Hitchcock?

"For me, personally, I'm happy with this," said Oscar Klefbom, who found his first goal of the season at the Edmonton Oilers overtime to beat Dallas 1-0 at the snoozer on Tuesday. "For hockey games? I prefer to win 5-0 and have many goals and many things happen. But for me as a defender, when we had Mikko (Koskinen) on the internet, it was a solid match for us. "

There is a balance in this starving city. The ticket is expensive, but the place in the playoffs will be a good change.

Klefbom understood.

"When I was a kid and would go to see my hometown team and that was a 1-0 match? I am angry. & # 39; What happened here? I came to see some goals. "But now, I'm happy, as long as we win."

This victory is like sinking a 40-foot chip to par after never playing on the fairway. It smells as sweet as a dry stem Craig Ludwig, and shines as bright as a collection of community goal posts.

That, however, is two points for the Oilers team who are trying to roam the Pacific at rest in the new head coach. While they find out how to play Hitchcock hockey.

"It doesn't matter how you will win. As long as we win the match, "said Connor McDavid, who ended up in defense when Leon Draisaitl and Klefbom broke away to win the match two to one. "We are just trying to adjust the system and work hard and good things have happened so far. Some wins and we've also given a few points, but for the most part it's some pretty good hockey. "

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Good hockey, of course, in the eyes of those who see it, it is determined by the spelling of the results. Anything that starts with & # 39; W & # 39; qualify.

This is a team that, historically, has struggled in games like this. In the struggle for a low, low score, Edmonton most often cracks first, taking bad opportunities that turn into opportunities in other ways.

It was the motto of former coach Todd McLellan to "hold on to our cards a little longer" – the coach spoke to play a proper defense until a legitimate offensive opportunity presented itself. "Check your chances," the coach wanted to say.

Of course, the coaches don't pay $ 250 to enter the arena, and the players don't cough up to $ 12.50 for beer.

Oilers, they are really fine with defensive trends, as long as they continue to collect points.

"More than OK with that," Ryan Nugent-Hopkins said. "I don't know about you, but we are fine.

"I think it will hopefully be like that for other teams, that we keep them at a lower number," he added. "The way we play is very responsible. The forward will come back hard and hard to play against now, and that makes it difficult for other teams to score against us. "

This one was a rabbit's breath because of a painful disappointment, because Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin stood in front of Koskinen's door with less than two seconds left in the rules. Benn must have known that time was essence, but whether he moved the piece to Seguin wide open perched on the net, he would have an open net.

What did Hitchcock, the former Bintang coach, think about?

"I have watched this film before, and it didn't end well."

So far in Northern Alberta, Hitchcock's work behind the bench has become the second after his motivational talks.

Years ago he came through the city with the 1990s Star, gushed pre-match over what the Edmonton great team had done, and then watched his team win for the night's fun. Since replacing McLellan, he has been endlessly telling the Oilers team – exactly the tonic that the fan base needs to falter.

He praised young Jesse Puljujarvi, who played next to Nugent-Hopkins on Tuesday and had 14:33 ice time, the highest in more than a month. And despite the undeniable fact that Koskinen has reached the No. job. 1 here, Hitchcock appointed Cam Talbot on the final train game.

"I think that goal is our strength – both. I think it's a team strength, "said Hitchcock.

Hey, whatever it is. Even if that means 1-0 in extra time.


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