Thursday , October 21 2021

Nothing But Net: The Washington Wizards are almost not functioning properly


This must be a warning story for fans of other teams, fans who think everything is sweet and light to none.

Everything can break down quickly.


Expensive interaction: The NBA hit Golden State Kevin Durant with a $ 25,000 fine this week after he used rather colorful language to basically tell fans to be quiet and sit during a match in Dallas.

It was the right penalty, but there were people who hoped there would be another way for the team and the league to punish fans for the same bad behavior. The amount of personal and over-the-top insults directed by some fans – full of dirty language – shocking. Just because someone pays money for a ticket does not give them the right to throw personal insults at players and coaches and if there is a way for good fans, many people involved with the league will be happy with it.

Arm hurt? Utah Donovan Mitchell has a statistical game for age this week when he took 35 shots without recording an assist when the Jazz lost to Philadelphia. How historic? This only happened twice in 30 years, by Carmelo Anthony in 2014 and Antoine Walker in 1998.

"I took 35 shots," Mitchell was amazed after the match. "That can't happen. Zero assists. That's not me. That's not the way I play. I know I'm still aggressive, but I have to be smart."

Big guy on Big D: Dirk Nowitzki is, and has been, the face of the Dallas Mavericks franchise for years and got some recognition for that fact this week.

The injured veteran, who still hasn't played the game this year, was given keys to the city by Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings during Wednesday's ceremony. That is the same as Nowitzki's out-of-court contributions and charity for his career with the Mavericks.

Red-hot Hornet: It's hard to imagine an NBA player having a more explosive attack week than what was driven by Charlotte Kemba Walker.

A talented point guard – one of the underrated superstars in the league – made 60 points for losing to the Philadelphia 76ers and, for the encore, tore Boston for 43 points in Monday's win over the Celtics and Kyrie Irving.

Walker Hornets slightly floundered but he kept on putting on surprising numbers.

"Every spy report, he's number 1," said Hornets coach James Borrego. "They put the best defender on him and they have two or three bodies on him at all times and this person continues to produce for us. He does whatever it takes for us to win."

The end is near: J.R. Smith, as an agile player as he had been in the NBA for years, was done with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The seasoned forward is no longer training with the team, will not attend the match and will not travel because Cleveland tries to facilitate several types of trade for 33-year-old players.

Smith has just played this season – less than 20 minutes of matches when posting lows in points, rebounds and percentage of field goals.

Smith's contract is $ 14.7 million this season, with purchases of around $ 4 million for 2019-20.

Doug Smith is a sports reporter who lives in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter: @smithraps

Information from other publications and websites is used in preparing this report.

Doug Smith is a sports reporter who lives in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter: @smithraps

Information from other publications and websites is used in preparing this report.

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