Next the Dodge Challenger will be electrified, said the FCA boss


People are still digging into cool old cars like the Challenger, because sales have really gone up while sales of Mustang and Camaro peaked in 2018. It is said that new FCA boss Mike Manley said things would change electrically for the next generation, in the report by The Detroit News. "The reality is that these platforms and the technology we use need to move forward. They cannot exist when you enter the mid-2020s. New technologies will drive heavy burdens, so we can think of powertrains in different ways. And we can use electrification to really equip the vehicle. "

News about electric muscle cars is not new at this time. Ford said it would reveal the Mustang Hybrid in 2020. And with Al Oppenheiser (former chief engineer for the Camaro) moving to the GM electric division, you better believe Chevrolet works on the Camaro version which is electrified. However, this is the first strong evidence we have that the FCA and Dodge made such a move.

What Manley said next is something we all know is true, but rather heartbreaking. "I think electrification will definitely be part of a formula that says what American muscles are in the future. What won't happen is a V8 engine, supercharged, 700 horsepower," Manley said.

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Even if it's kind of ridiculous, we all like Hellcat for 707 horsepower V8. Obviously, many other people did it too, because Dodge continued to issue a crazier version of the car with Redeye and Demon. As for how many Dodge electric cars will accept, Manley won't go into detail. Although he said that electrification "cannot be the dominant part." This should provide comfort for all who worry that the gasoline engine can be lost from American muscle cars. Just as Dodge is reluctant to deviate from the initial intention of a muscle car, it's not difficult to imagine the Challenger / Filler being the last to use full electricity. Gas engines equipped with a 48 volt system or hybrid plug-in will most likely be the end result when we first see Challenger electrified.

Making the transition to an electric vehicle could eventually become the necessary boost for Dodge to move away from the ancient platforms currently in use – a platform developed in the mid-2000s based on parts of the Mercedes W210 platform developed in the 1990s. Significant renewals and refreshes have been carried out since then, but it is still one of the most basic in a vehicle sold in the U.S. today.

We will definitely hear more about this over the next few years, but consider thinking ahead now. Mid-2020 is far from 2019, so consider adding 700 of your horsepower, supercharged, and causing fear of the V8 for now.

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