New Teaser For & # 39; SHAZAM & # 39; It seems like the DC Universe Has Finally Competed Comedy For & # 39; Deadpool & # 39; ⚡️


The Marvel Cinematic Universe does not have a larger sage among its ranks other than Deadpool.

The wisecracking pansexual superhero, played by Ryan Reynolds in the film series, has a history of not taking anything seriously, including promoting his own film. In the trailer for Deadpool 2, Reynolds wore the costume, and the costume was dressed in the costume of TV painter Bob Ross, and walked past the cast's cat-by-number and the upcoming movie plot.

The DC Comics cinematic universe, which in turn looks too serious, has never found a match for the sense of humor that Deadpool brought to the big screen … until now.

On April 5, Zachary Levi of TV Throw away and Disney Tangled will say the most powerful superhero name, struck by lightning that once adorned DC Comics: SHAZAM.

The name SHAZAM stands for "Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury," – the supposed "Eternal Elder" who gave strength to young Billy Batson to help him fight the forces of evil.

Although SHAZAM seems to be an adult, Batson is actually a teenager in disguise. He said the magic word, SHAZAM, to turn into an adult superhero.

This explains the ongoing interaction of SHAZAM with adults in all trailers.

Deadpool's stupidity stems from the fact that he is mature and too smart for everyone around him.

Meanwhile, the SHAZAM comedy stems from the fact that he tried very hard to be a cool adult, but inside, he was actually 13 years old.

In the early days of publication, SHAZAM was also known as "Captain Marvel," a moniker who largely left as Marvel acquired Captain Marvel himself.

Ironically, a month before SHAZAM! scheduled to leave the cinema, a Captain Marvel the feature starring Brie Larson will also come out.

But also, let's take a moment to watch Brie Larson's latest trailer, because this is fierce AF.

This will be a good year for superhero films.


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