Mothers who lost boys due to sepsis said "My MBE for her" & # 39;


A mother who has been campaigning tirelessly to raise awareness of sepsis after her baby's death has been left "humiliated" with an award from MBE.

Melissa Mead's one-year-old son William died in December 2014 because of blood poisoning after a chest infection, which can be treated with antibiotics.

William was ill for six to eight weeks before he died and had been examined by a doctor six times before his death.

Doctors failed to diagnose chest infections and finally pneumonia which caused sepsis to kill him.

Since William's death, he and her husband Paul have campaigned to raise awareness of the condition and he has now received recognition for his work with honor.

William was only one year old when he died of sepsis in December 2014

Mrs. Mead, who is an ambassador for the UK Sepsis Trust, met with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt as part of her campaign to make parents aware of the conditions that kill thousands of people every year.

This campaign successfully reached millions of parents and caregivers of newborns to four-year-old children, to help them recognize the symptoms of sepsis and know when to seek urgent medical help.

Melissa Mead has been campaigning tirelessly to raise awareness of this condition

Mrs. Mead, 32, from Penryn, Cornwall described her surprise when she learned she had been nominated.

"I was really stunned and I never expected it because I didn't do what I did because I wanted to thank and pat on the back," he told the Press Association.

"I am humble to be honest, that what I have done has been recognized, but I am grateful that I can do it and have an impact on others.

William was ill for six to eight weeks before he died and had been examined by a doctor six times before his death

"I received this year's Christmas card from someone and it was written & # 39; This is a picture of my son on his first day in a big school and because of you he is still here. & # 39;

"It was the best kind of recognition. The same I was fascinated and very humble and at least I knew what I was doing was having an impact and that was the main thing for me.

"I hope that by speaking, because in the end we are the same as other families, and if we have the courage to speak, hopefully it will encourage others to do the same.

Melissa, who has been awarded the MBE, with William as a baby

"It has always been my main message to health care professionals – listen to parents and loved ones because in the end they know their best children and relatives.

"That's what I want to do and that's just my way of being William's mother now."

Mrs. Mead added: "I am very humble to be among a group of inspirational people because I'm just a little old I'm from Cornwall."

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