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Mice found in soup at popular Vancouver restaurants (Video)

mice in soup
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A woman posted a video of a mouse cooked in a bread bowl served at Crab Park Chowdery on her Instagram account.

Since posting a video, the restaurant has received a telephone and message attack, and Vancouver Coastal Health is conducting an investigation. What's more, the second restaurant, Mamie Taylor, will be closed as a result of the incident.

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke with Ashton Phillips, Crab owner Park Chowdery, who said he was really confused how this happened.

"We keep trying to find out how this happened. We ensure that everything is clean and we have complied with the food safety measures set by the Vancouver Coastal Health, "he said.

"He posted a photo at 3 or 4 yesterday afternoon, but he did it after we gave him a $ 100 gift certificate. We talked as soon as he found the creature and it seemed we were on good terms – since then I have not been able to get him. "

He also commented that the cook who worked during the incident was very sad.

"I really trusted him – he had been here for a year and he was extraordinary. In addition, the spoon we use for a spoon is an eight-ounce spoon – the mouse is about six inches long and it doesn't add up. "

Phillips added that the negative reaction to the video was endless, with people giving terrible reviews one by one.

Vancouver Is Awesome also spoke with Tiffany Akins, Communication Communications, Vancouver Coastal Health who explained that the soup itself was not made at Chowdery Crab Park.

"Soup made at Mamie Taylor's and then sent to Chowdery Crab Park. Therefore, we conducted an investigation of Mamie Taylor and found evidence of rodents – there was dirt, "he explained.

"The establishment has been closed and will remain closed until it is raised to standard. However, Crab Park Chowdery will remain open. "

While Chowdery's Park Crab wouldn't be able to use Mamie Taylor's to make their chowders, they did have a food truck that they could cook. With that in mind, the restaurant stated that they were currently looking for another commercial kitchen to use. .

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