Metro Exodus released a trailer of weapons


The new (and relatively long) Metro Exodus trailer displays many weapons and adjustments that will be available when the game is launched next month.

The snippets (which you can watch below) detail the many rifle classes that will be available as well as some customization options that will adjust each weapon to your specific needs. Guns, rifles and rifles are what you expect, even though adjustments can change them drastically, turning them into special firearms. Apart from that, class & # 39; special weapons & # 39; including silent and crossbow rifles, ideal for hidden missions or when you don't want to fight.

Metro Exodus 4A Games is preparing to appear very different from the previous games. While Metro 2033 and Last Light are both related primarily to the post-apocalyptic, damp Russian metro system, Output drops to the surface. The open-world area will give players the opportunity to explore in a non-linear way, and you can see what Alice B made of them when she just played the preview version.

Exodus Metro will be released on February 15, but if you are impatient like us, you can check everything we know about Exodus, so far here.


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