Monday , July 26 2021

May Rapper Sue Fortnite Over Emote

Big name lawsuits and property seem to go hand in hand these days. It is almost impossible to have a big brand without anyone trying to sue for something. In the case of Epic Games, lawsuits continue to accumulate – this time from a rapper who might sue the company for reasons that you might find impossible.

CBS News reports that rapper 2 Milly claims that Epic Games has stolen one of his dance moves and used it on Fortnite. According to the article, the rapper made a move called "Milly Rock," and it has become quite popular so the dance has been recognized by entertainers and other sports stars, and even made it into the game. Fortnite.

The problem is that the movement is thought to have been changed from "Milly Rock" and turned into an emote called "Swipe It."

Now, not like other lawsuits aimed at games like Fortnite or GTA V, where people demand to violate similarities – or, in the case of PUBG Corporation, violate ideas – 2 Milly can have a case that is a little more plausible in his hand. The main problem is not that the step is displayed in the game, or that the name has changed. 2 Milly's objections stem from the fact that "Swipe It" emote, allegedly based on "Milly Rock," is being sold in a $ 5 cash shop.

2 Milly explains that it is not necessarily about money, but more about the fact that it is a step sold for money in games that make billions of dollars in Epic Games. So that's why he might take legal action …

The CBS report shows that while copyright laws are designed to protect many of the material created by artists when it comes to actual paintings, images, music, beats, and lyrics, there are not many precedents set for actual dance moves.

Then again, copyright laws have not really pursued the rapid evolution of electronic and interactive entertainment. Entertainment lawyer Merlyne Jean-Louis told CBS that, because the choreography's work law is not really there, it might be difficult for 2 Milly to sue Epic Games.

However, Epic seems to have realized the making of brouhaha on social media and media entertainment regarding 2 Milly and "Milly Rock" displayed in Fortnite. Previously, the company was able to pass other claims against it – such as when sued for similar Gears of War, and for compatibility problems experienced by Silicon Knights with development Too human on the Unreal Engine. However, this time Epic did not comment on this issue and actually chose to delete "Swipe It" from the cash shop for now.

If you already have an "Slide It" emote for your character, you can continue to use it, but new players won't be able to buy it at this time.

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