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Massey Tunnel will not be replaced with a 10-lane bridge, according to reports

B.C. The NDP seems to have taken a 10-lane bridge from the table as an option to replace the Massey Tunnel, which is one of the worst traffic jams in the province.

B.C. Transportation Minister Claire Trevena met with Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie and city staff earlier this month to discuss the future of the tunnel, which connects the Delta and Richmond communities.

A report recently issued to the council indicated that the province was not interested in building a new ten-lane crossing.

"The minister suggested that any options for increasing crossing in the future would not include a 10-lane bridge," said the report.

"The ministry recognizes a significant negative impact that the scale of such projects will be on the host community, especially for Richmond."

B.C. Liberals began construction last year on the $ 3.5 billion dollar bridge.

When the NDP took power, the project was suspended and engineer Stan Cowdell was hired to examine new options for upgrading or replacing tunnels.

At that time, the 10-lane bridge was still being considered.

Still waiting

Cowdell completed his studies a few months ago but has not yet been published.

"The minister received the report in June, and is being considered along with options for the next step," the Ministry of Transportation said in a statement sent via email.

"Minister Trevena is discussing his findings with Metro Mayors before making an independent review – and further government steps – public before the end of this year."

Delta South MLA Ian Paton – longtime supporter of the 10-lane bridge – said the commuters were tired of waiting for a solution.

"If research shows they prefer eight-lane bridges rather than ten, I can certainly live with that," he said.

"Let's continue this and let's make things happen."

Brodie, mayor of Richmond, said he preferred twin tunnels to increase traffic flow.

"Our complaint is always that the 10-lane bridge is so large and excessive that all the implications are very negative," he said.

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