LOTTO RESULTS: Lottery numbers that win tonight for Saturday January 19


Unclaimed € 1 million Euromillions prize winner

Just before tonight's Lotto draw, you can become a millionaire without knowing it.

A € 1 million Euromillions prize was won by someone on South Tyneside – but two weeks later and they still have not claimed the money.

Two millionaires were created in each EuroMillions lottery and now players on South Tyneside are urged to examine their unique EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker code to see if they are winners.

National EuroMillions Lottery
National EuroMillions Lottery (Picture: Handout)

The lucky winner has been a millionaire since before Christmas but so far hasn't emerged.

The drawing took place on December 21 and made one person from that area become an instant millionaire.

Search now to find the winning ticket owner.

The winning code for this prize is VSLG 55127 and ticket holders who are lucky to have until June 19, 2019 to claim their prize.

If no one advances with the winning ticket before the prize claim deadline, then the prize money, plus all the interest that has been generated, will go to assist projects funded by the National Lottery in the UK.


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