Local Astronomers Speak Moon Eclipses


Backyard astronomers and anyone interested in seeing something rare will search on Sunday, January 20 shortly after 8:30 a.m. and until before midnight to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse.

James Durbano with the Big Sky Astronomical Society said it was not like a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse if it was truly safe to see.

He said the other big difference is that you can still see the moon, which will change color, but it will not be completely blocked.

"You can still see the moon a little during the lunar eclipse, because a little orange-y light, the reddish color makes its way to the surface of the moon, and that's why it is illuminated in orange-y. . "

Durbano said the lunar eclipse is quite common and easier to see because anyone on the night side of the earth will see it, unlike a solar eclipse where you have to be in certain places to see the moon blocking the sun completely.

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