Lifetime hacking chosen for one year


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By Reena Nerbas

Contributors share their best secrets:

  • Potatoes remove food stains from the fingers. Slice the potatoes and use the open side to scrub the stained, washed skin as usual. Submitted by: Edna
  • Real vanilla (not imitation) is very good for repelling fleas and mosquitoes. Wipe vanilla into the skin and let it dry, the mosquito won't bother you, and your skin will smell nice. Submitted by: Betty
  • Shining jewelry. Soak silver in water where potatoes are boiled. Let stand for 1 hour. Rinse. Submitted by: C.C.
  • The white shoe polish will not fade if hairspray is applied to the shoe after it is dry. Submitted by: Darren (Note Reena: Polish white shoes will have a flatter appearance if the shoes are wiped with alcohol before polishing.)
  • If you need to scrape your windshield but don't get a good grip on the scraper when wearing gloves, but don't want to freeze your fingers, look for a pair of old or cheap gloves. Cut the hole at the top – big enough – close and right in front of the middle finger. Slip the scraper handle through so that it is now inside the glove. Voila! Grip and warmth! Submitted by: Rekha
  • I want to sing praises from spring springs. I have used it to install a quick curtain on the window (just curtain the fabric several times) and you don't need to make a hole in the mold. I also put a stick from front to back on the wall of my closet to store various items. I use a large (bed sheet) in my workspace to hang the cloth for steaming and measuring. I put them on the door and the closet door with a curtain panel (I took off the door, so they wouldn't take up so much space in the room when they opened). One fits perfectly in my bathroom above the sink as a guest towel (I cover it with a cloth tube). And, yes, I use one for my shower curtain. The main advantage is that you can redecor often with a little sewing. Submitted by: Patty
  • To keep cat feces fresh, mix baby powder with the dirt. Submitted by: Eric
  • Heal hiccups every time. Cut lemon slices, dip into sugar and eat lemon. Not only does it taste good, but it also makes hiccups disappear. Submitted by: L.B.
  • Return the sandpaper with duct tape before applying it to the vibrating sandpaper – this will last up to five times longer. Submitted by: Denis
  • Before dropping the un cooked pasta into a pot of boiling water, hold it firmly with both hands (one above the other). Turn both hands in the opposite direction and put the pasta in the pan. The paste will expand around the edge of the pot and cook evenly. Submitted by: Adrianne
  • To keep your eyes from burning when cutting onions, place your cutting board near the exhaust hood on the stove. This draws smoke up and away to prevent tears. Submitted by: Grant
  • If you don't have enough dough to fill all the cupcake cans, pour 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of water into unfilled places. This helps maintain the life of your pan. Posted by: Anonymous
  • Dispose of permanent markers from the table and equipment by wiping with alcohol and tissue. Posted by: Janice
  • If your tongue becomes burning due to a hot liquid, finish the pain by spreading sugar on the burn and let it dissolve. Posted by: Jordan

Happy New Year!

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