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Latest BC Millionaire – Kamloops News

The newest SM millionaire

Sometimes lucky women smile at you.

At least he did it in the latest BC millionaire case.

Joseph Kristmanson said he usually chose his own number, but when he bought a Lotto Max ticket for the December 21, 2018 draw, he let lucky women play his role, instead of using the Quick Pick option.

Kamloops man matches all seven numbers to win a $ 1 million Lotto Max Maxmillion prize.

"I'm checking a lot of tickets. I can't believe it," Kristmanson said. "The retailer kept the milk beside me and realized I was winning. He was very excited for me."

Kristmanson bought and checked the winning ticket at General Grant Department Store on Fortune Drive in Kamloops.

"The first thing I did was call my close friend. He thought I was joking."

Kristmanson has been playing Lotto Max regularly since coming out in 2009. "I play all other games too. I did choose my own number like my birthday and year, but not this time. Of course I'm glad I didn't," he said, adding that he didn't have much time to think about what he would do with all the money.

Despite his calm attitude about victory, Kristmanson does have several travel plans in the mix.

"I want to go to Australia and I think I will plan something for the New Year," he said, noting that the spirit of the gift season was still in him.

"I will definitely contribute a portion of this victory and help those I can."

Kristmanson is one of 39 Colombian Britons who won the Lotto Max Maxmillions prize so far in 2018.

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