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King tide: Vancouver wants city photos & # 39; sunken & # 39; You to highlight sea level rise – BC


Vancouver is in the midst of another "king of pairs", and the City of Vancouver is asking the public to issue their cameras to document it.

King Tides, also known as the Perigean spring tide, is the highest wave range this year. This tide king runs from November 23 to November 30.

Dramatic photos flooded social media when King Tide 'sinks' Vancouver

They occur when the moon is closest to the earth and the gravitational forces of the sun and moon strengthen each other.

King tides can produce water heights as high as five meters, or even higher if combined with storm waves.

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They can also cause small floods in some low-lying areas and – from a city perspective – offer a potential view of what is seen in the region amid rising sea levels.

According to the city, sea level on the Vancouver coastline has seen a 3.7 centimeter rise over the past century.

In the face of climate change, the province has told coastal cities to prepare for one meter sea level rise at the beginning of the next century.

Thus, the city asks the public to take photos of the affected coastline to help plan that reality. People are invited to share it on social media or upload it to an interactive map.

"King Tides offers us the opportunity to see what normal sea levels look like in the future as they rise due to climate change," the city said in a document entitled Vancouver's Changing Shorelines.

"In 2050, when sea level is expected to be 50 cm higher than today, our usual sea level can look like some of the tides today."

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This exercise is part of the city's plan to respond to sea level rise, which includes coastal flood risk assessments and adaptation plans for the Fraser River coastline.

The city said it also included coastal flood risk data into all new projects on the coastline and would ask for public input on options to respond to sea level rise over the coming year.

"King Tide" is responsible for the flooding around Metro Vancouver

Shutterbugs who want to capture dramatic images of the king of tides can consult the tidal estimates for the best time. The highest sea level, 4.93 meters, will occur on Tuesday at 9:38 in the morning and Wednesday at 10:28 in the morning.

Previously the king of pairs had sent some pretty stunning photos. Here are some pictures of pairs of kings taken during the high water mark last January.

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