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Kendall Jenner jokes Tristan Thompson's boos during a basketball match | Celebrity news


Kendall Jenner scoffs at Tristan Thompson during a basketball match on Friday (11.23.18).

The 23-year-old model was seen jokingly mocking Tristan, 27 – who is the girlfriend of Khloe Kardashian and father of his seven-month-old daughter True – during the Cleveland Cavaliers match against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Kendall sat on the side of the field for the game and could be seen cupping his hands to awaken Tristan when he took a free throw.

However, the high profile duo also shared a warm hug in the court, showing that there were no difficult feelings.

During the match, Kendall was also seen cheering for Ben Simmons, the Australian star for the 76ers who he romantically linked to.

Meanwhile, Khloe's half-brother Kendall – recently responded to criticism from fans after he missed Thanksgiving with his family.

The 34-year-old reality star spends a vacation in Cleveland, Ohio, with Tristan and their daughter True, while his family celebrates in Los Angeles, but Khloe denies he is hostile to the person he loves.

He wrote on Twitter: "You all reach now. I have spent the last 3 years in Cleveland for Thanksgiving. Not sure why people try to make dramas between my family and me. My sister and I are fine, thank you. All their family can travel but TT is in season, he can't.

"That truth is never as pleasant as some of the stories that you want to create. So here we go, bro, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my good!"

There has been tension between the Khloe family and the NBA star since he was accused of being unfaithful only a few days before their daughter was born in April.

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