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Keanu Reeves starred in Toy Story 4, said Tim Allen

Keanu Reeves will star in Toy Story 4, Tim Allen says (Ian West / PA)
Keanu Reeves will star in Toy Story 4, Tim Allen says (Ian West / PA)

Keanu Reeves will star in Toy Story 4, said Tim Allen.

Allen is the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Disney animated series and revealed the latest installment will feature the star Matrix Reeves.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Allen did not explain in detail but said Reeves had a "great part", before gesturing with his fingers to show a small toy.

Toy Story 4 will be released next year and is a continuation of Toy Story 3 in 2010.

A trailer for the film released earlier this month confirmed Tom Hanks would return when Sheriff Woody and Joan Cusack returned as Jessie.

Allen, who first played Buzz in the original 1995, revealed he became emotional when recording the final scene of the upcoming film.

He said: "Hanks said the best – of course, he always said the best things – but the last scene of the film I could not even pass. I thought there was a page afterwards.

"I read it and I had to turn around to read it in the studio, it was very emotional."

Referring to the final scene of the famous classic Gone With the Wind movie, Allen added: "This is & # 39; Scarlett, I don't care for a moment & # 39;"

The Allen team – which plays Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise – has discussed the upcoming installation (PA)

Besides Buzz and Woody, old favorites like Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, and Slinky Dog will all appear in Toy Story 4. The new character, spork with googly eyes called Forky, is also part of the line-up.

Allen, 65, who is known for his role in the US Home Improvement sitcom, said the film would surprise fans.

He said: "This is very good, these people are geniuses, very deep and moving and beautiful plots. I can't give anything, but it's about various types of toys.

"They will really surprise you with the toys they make, the characters back, new people in it."

Toy Story was released in 1995 and is the first fully computer animated feature film. It was nominated for three Oscars.

Toy Story 4 will be released in theaters on June 21 next year.

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