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John Cena at WWE is now back to being the choice

WWE superstar John Cena participated in a Facebook interview last night before his appearance at WWE SmackDown Live in Pittsburgh, PA. Cena opens up about her involvement with MakeAWish and offers in-depth details about the return of the newest WWE and explains the upcoming schedule.

(Credit Transcription: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

In His Engagement with Make-A-Wish:

Many people ask me about Make-A-Wish and what is so spectacular about Make-A-Wish. Make-A-Wish is amazing because of his experience. I actually just came from a meeting with young Make-A-Wish fans who will be on their first WWE event and he is very excited. I have to talk to him and his entire family and now after talking to him and sitting down to talk to him, I will really switch from Facebook Live to Live Smackdown and we will have fun. I will be able to see it out there and interact with it and that is his first experience – he knows a lot about the WWE Superstars – he will be filled with excitement. So, what I like about Make-A-Wish is that the experience was very beneficial for me and the family involved.

About What's Back in the WWE Ring:

It's amazing. That is the best. This is in baseball, but there are some people in baseball out there. So, I recorded a film in China that ended shortly after Thanksgiving and I landed in America and started a global promotion for Beetle one and a half days later. So, I went to Berlin and I went to England and I went to Hong Kong and then I went to China, pretty much touring and finishing it four days before Christmas right when Beetle Exit. I have a choice to make and the WWE choice is really cool with. I was very fortunate to be able to shoot my next project in Vancouver on January 20 and they said, "Yes, you have worked hard. Why don't you take a month to breathe and then do this film and show up after the movie is finished? I can do that or I can go back to WWE. "So, starting December 26 at Madison Square Garden, I can return to the WWE ring and tonight we are here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we can do the same. I will be in Tampa, Florida, tomorrow night will also appear on the WWE ring and then next week I will switch. I don't have brand loyalty … it will be RAW and the week after that will be RAW and as soon as RAW is finished I will head to Canada and hopefully start something else, but I promised the WWE Universe that I would never do it go and I know it's really hard to understand because I'm not there every week and it really breaks my heart, but there are some wonderful opportunities and with that opportunity comes more acceptance from the world about what we do on WWE and if you listen to whatever I say to anyone, first and foremost is what I do here because what I do here is what I like and I am very proud of that WWE. Every day that goes by WWE gets more respect from outside critics who think maybe it's just one and that. I really thank everyone who opened their minds for what we did because I believe what we do is smile on people's faces and I just saw it tonight and will come back and see it. So, instead of spending a month and kicking my legs and opening a nice can of red wine and enjoying it, I want to come to WWE. It's no secret; I have invested my life here for 16 years and this is my life and this is my family. It's nice to see everyone backstage, but it would be really cool to see people out there, so I was really excited about that.

Cena was also open about how she was involved with hypnosis shows, talking with her vague Instagram account, and revealing what kind of Transformer she was.

Readers can watch the whole Cena interview below:

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