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Jill Duggar Opposes Old People By Ignoring This Duggar Main Christmas Tradition

The Duggar family has 21 direct members: Jim Bob, Michelle, and their 19 children. And families make names for themselves through the large number of children they have; it's one of the largest families in the United States. But the reason Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have so many children comes from family religious beliefs. And this past Christmas, Jill Duggar opposed a major holiday tradition to do something a little different in her own home.

Jessa Duggar with her sister, Jill Jill Duggar with his sister, Jessa | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

Duggar is a very conservative Christian

The Duggars say they are devout Baptists, who are very conservative branches of Christianity. They attend church every week, and devote their entire lives to live for God. The family has many intense religious rules, which have been criticized by many people for years. Women cannot wear dresses or shorts, and couples cannot fully embrace until they are married (and certainly no kiss or intimacy of any kind). Plus, women in the family care for children when their husbands work, which many people find strange lately. With so many rules and traditions, the Duggar children are bound to destroy some of them as soon as they leave on their own.

Every Christmas, they hang a sign on their house that reads & # 39; Happy Birthday Jesus & # 39;

Whenever Christmas arrives, Duggars don't decorate most families. In the United States and other parts of the world, it is common for families to display Christmas trees in the main living room of their homes. Pine trees are usually used by Christians for winter festivals, and they are also used to hang branches in their homes to remind them that spring is coming. Over time, the Christmas tree becomes a staple, but Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar feel that the Christmas tree has lost its meaning. Instead of a Christmas tree, the family displayed several banners in honor of Jesus' birthday. They believe that more directly represents the reason for this season.

But Jill Duggar chose a tree this year, which opposed the traditions of his family

Duggar's children were raised with the hope that they would live by their family rules. However, Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, chose to sway from the Duggar tradition this year. Duggar posted a photo of Instagram on his account showing off his beautiful Christmas tree, and fans quickly recalled that Christmas trees were not allowed in the Duggar family. Duggar did not comment on why he opposed tradition and put up Christmas trees, and we were not sure how Michelle and Jim Bob reacted when they saw the photo, but everyone quickly realized that Duggar violated the rules of the main family.

Jill Dillard Christmas Tree Jill Dillard Christmas Tree | Jill Dillard via Instagram

Duggar children do not follow all the same rules they did when they lived with their parents

Jill Duggar is not the first Duggar to break the rules of his parents. Other duggars also swayed because of the tightness of their parents, including Jinger Duggar. Jinger was recently photographed wearing pants, which contradicts what Michelle allowed her daughter to grow up (girls always have to wear skirts). Joy Anna Duggar broke the rules when her current husband, Austin Forsyth, first suggested: He gave him a full hug instead of a one-handed hug. The Duggar children have drifted away from their parents' strict rules, and Jill Duggar's Christmas tree is just one more example of children who are a little rebellious.

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