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Jenna Jameson went to Instagram on December 24 to share extraordinary photos before and after her extraordinary weight loss, and revealed dietary tricks she used during the holidays to keep her going.

Jenna Jameson, 44, has fascinated us with an incredible weight loss of 80lb this year and he came to Instagram on December 24th to give advice on how to maintain a healthy weight during tempting times such as holidays. The webcam model, which has undergone a ketogenic diet, shares an interesting eye side before and after a photo of him showing off his lost weight and uses the title for a photo to explain the tricks of his diet.

"We start! #Motivationmonday ??," he wrote. "Holidays are a difficult time when you have to stay on track. With family visits and don't know what #keto is and are too willing to try to persuade you into granny potatoes and cheese cakes, It is very easy to drop #ketodiet. I recommend preparing food! This is not exciting, but believe in reality, you will be very happy when you are in power through a vacation that lives in #ketosis. But let me say this … sometimes allowing yourself to spoil yourself is important, when you feel constantly seized … it can cause a big week of derailment! So have fun, allow snacks here or there, but most importantly, spend time with people you love! Merry Christmas, my love. "

Jenna's weight loss is even more impressive considering she has her third child in April 2017. The blonde beauty has become an inspiration for other mothers who have difficulty losing weight after having their children and she is very open about her diet by sharing public some photos and a little advice. A previous source told us that Jenna was very committed to eating healthy and keeping her weight up. "He cut all processed food, quit carbohydrates, increased good fat intake and started eating super clean – so many fruits and vegetables, butter, meat and fish, and he gave up bread, rice, pasta, bread and potatoes," Source EXCLUSIVELY. "He also stopped snacking on chips and biscuits and cut sweet foods. At first it was difficult to cut carbohydrates, but once his body got used to it, he stopped craving carbohydrates at all, and almost the same for sweets too – and when he got the desire eat something sweet, he will satisfy him by drinking Fresca. "

We continue to pray for the best for Jenna on her weight loss journey. It's nice to see all the photos of his transformation over the past few months and we praise him for staying motivated and determined!


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